Bliss - our Boulder Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy!

Despite being a military brat (and moving every couple of years), I was fortunate to have puppies/dogs in my life at various times growing up. Plus most of my siblings have dogs. Due to a variety of issues, we've never taken the puppy plunge ourself ... although my youngest son Kyle had asked about getting a dog. One of his baseball teammates has raised a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind - here's the local Boulder chapter. The Mom is an enthusiastic advocate for the program (she's on her 3rd puppy!) and described how you get an 8-week old puppy, raise it for a year (lots of training!), and then you have to give it back (sob/cry/sob/cry) ... and it goes to "Doggie University" for several months, and if it does well, is then paired with a blind person.

Kyle was excited to do this ... even after I asked/said a bazillion times if he was going to step up to do the work associated with raising a puppy, especially one that requires extra training. Her assured me he'd try his best, so I said "OK" ... and then after some "discussion" (not everyone else in the family was as gung-ho! ;-), we attended some meetings, had our house inspected, and upon returning from a week long trip to California, drove straight from the airport to pick up Bliss. She's one of 4 puppies from the same litter - they named 'em all starting with "B." Bliss was born on June 13th, 2018 - more info here.

Kyle with Bliss the day after we brought her home on August 7th, 2018

Bliss comes home

I think Bliss likes Kyle and vice-versa ... ;-)     link to closeup

Bliss licking Kyle

Bliss taking a nap ... with Dad about to take one also - she's a lot of work!

Bliss sleeping as puppy

August 19th, 2018: Bliss goes flying off our back deck onto the grass - it's SuperDog! ;-)

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Bliss Jumping

Bliss does like running around on the grass!

Bliss in grass wide

Bliss in grass close

September 4th, 2018 - Bliss loves to LEAP off the patio onto the grass

Bliss leaping side

I actually took the picture (and the one above) by myself. A bit of a challenge as one has to have the camera framed & focused with flashes ready to go ... and use the handheld remote to fire it. And oh yea, one semi-cooperative puppy ... some kibble helps incentivize her. LOL she grabbed the camera strap after the last shot and started dragging it around the yard! ;-)

Bliss leaping wide

Bliss leaping close

Bliss leaping closer

A Boy and his Dog

Bliss with Kyle