1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible

I bought the Delta 88 in March/1983 as the second owner in Seattle, Washington. It had ~90,000 miles at that time and in the first 20 years I've owned it, I've put about 70,000 more miles on on the Oldsmobile Convertible. I've been averaging less than 1,000 miles/year the last several years now that I have a family ... so it doesn't get driven as much outa the garage. The Delta 88 Convertible has stayed in pretty good shape and hasn't required much mechanical work; although the gas gauge stopped working on me a few years ago and I found that out the "hard" way - there is no tripometer, so I know carefully write down the mileage when I fill it up!

As some people know, I'm a bit ... uhhhh ... "stubborn" (!) about putting up the convertible top, and in fact, am often asked if it has one or even works. The true answer is YES to both ... but again, Alek is a bit stubborn and it hasn't been up in years. It's actually not bad in the weather as long as you are moving, since due to the airflow, all the water/snow/whatever goes behind you! ;-)

Some highlights/pictures of the Olds Convertible:

Some other misc. trivia/stories:

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