2018 Subaru Outback Maintenance Records - 4S4BSACCXJ3252123 (225/65R17)
Date Mileage Amount Comments
2017_11_06 8 $28,917 BUY CAR! ($26,152 + $499 Delivery + $2,226 Tax)
2018_99_99 3,333 $0 Free 3,000 Mile LOF/checkup
TOTAL $0 Maintenance (Purchased for $28,917 on 2017_11_06)
$28,917 Total Cost of Ownership excluding gas, registrations, and insurance
Ask about rear lift gate as it doesn't latch down too well
Does one pull the FWD fuse if you have to drive on the spare?
Can one disable the annoying ECO gauge - or just black tape it?
Ditto the icy road surface warning which will basically be on all winter
Radio always come on when car restarted
How to get center display to go truly OFF so it's BLACK, not grey from LCD backlight