What is SPECIAL about this picture?!?

The web logs show at least 19 different IP addresses trying (via "backdoors" in the web server) to retrieve this picture - pls see the list below. I'm not sure what is so neat/special about it - the only things I can see are:
    Zone #2 and #3 on ON, Zone #4 is OFF
    A car happens to be driving by
No idea what is significant about this picture!

IP Address         Domain    ptd-24-93-145-36.maine.rr.com    CPE3236333038373933.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com    mke-24-209-163-231.wi.rr.com    a73109.upc-a.chello.nl    cpe.atm2-0-1091101.0x3ef2b6b2.virnxx8.customer.tele.dk    0-2pool196-237.nas1.eden-prairie1.mn.us.da.qwest.net    cache-mtc-af02.proxy.aol.com    adsl-64-218-114-15.dsl.amrltx.swbell.net    dhcp065-025-022-070.neo.rr.com    adsl-66-73-174-129.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net    anid32mry546e.bc.hsia.telus.net    ip68-9-157-186.ri.ri.cox.net    pcp01613102pcs.sothfd01.mi.comcast.net    pcp01770606pcs.audubn01.nj.comcast.net    Unresolveable    Unresolvable    48-pool1.ras10.ilchi.alerondial.net    cdm-208-98-94-fayt.cox-internet.com    host217-42-85-252.range217-42.btcentralplus.com