Alek correctly guesses the sex of an unborn child via the xmas_webcam

My good friends Jon & Wendy are expecting their first child in a few months. Rather than have the doctor tell them what the sex was (based on ultrasound), they had three sealed envelopes prepared. They kept one and gave one each to the grandparents, with everyone to open it up Xmas morning as a very special surprise gift - what an AWESOME idea!

So ... I called over to their house two day before Xmas and announced that I wanted to make my prediction on the sex of the child. They said go ahead, to which I replied that I wanted to do it via the Internet. They were polite enough to say "OK Alek", but I'm sure they were thinking "Alek is usually a dork, but this has got to top it!" I asked them to surf to the xmax_webcam while I was chatting with them on the phone and told them to start updating the webcam and/or changing the lights - here are the actual pictures that they saw on their screen!

It's a little hard to see, but here I am walking past the garage

I'm (trying) to hold a flashlight on this banner with my (correct it turned out) prediction - wonder what the folks in the car thought who drove by as this picture was snapped

Here I'm waving goodbye to them from the garage and it looks like they turned off a zone of lights. Note the airplane above and to the right of the chimney - they are visible if coming right at the camera

And they happened to turn all the lights back ON as the garage was closing!