4-year old Dirk (in Colorado) shows off his Rescue Hero's to 5-year old Cousin Nick (in Salt Lake City) via xmas_webcam

My 4-year old, Dirk, is a BIG fan of Rescue Hero's, which is a TV show geared toward boys of that age - it's actually pretty good. And there is a whole line of action figures based on the theme ... so as you can imagine, Dirk REALLY wanted some Rescue Hero's for Xmas ... and he did get some.

I have a brother Kris living in Salt Lake City who has a 5-year old son named Nick. And as you can also imagine, Nick is ALSO a HUGE fan of Rescue Hero's. So just for grins (and to be a geek! ;-), I decided to have Dirk show Nick what he got for Xmas ... via the webcam! So I called up Kris/Nick and had 'em surf to it and while we chatted on the phone, I had 'em update/change the lights a few times while we did some stuff for 'em in front of the webcam.

These didn't come out too good - it's been a bit chilly here in Colorado, although we haven't gotten snow in the city for weeks now. So the flashlight was definately fading with the temperatures ... and Dirk wasn't that cooperative standing for a while in front of the webcam. But it was fun to give it a shot and I think Nick was able to positively identify at least one of these from the picture - although it helped that he was telling Dirk which one to hold up in front of the camera (while I held the fading flashlight on Dirk and told him not to move! ;-)

Another problem was that the lights were flashing a LOT, and a review of the logs shows that there were several other folks accessing the xmas_webcam at the same time - here is the actual data (starting at 1900) when folks first "started" with the webcam and there were multiple changes by everyone during the show-n-tell ... so I was never sure what Kris/Nick would end up seeing, since I had no way of knowing who was making changes as all of these guys were "battling" for control of the lights!
    190134 (unresolvable IP)
    190252   12-234-222-66.client.attbi.com
    190402   N863P030.adsl.highway.telekom.at
    190623   XXXXX.slkc.uswest.net (Kris/Nick)
    190725   24-159-251-14.jvl.wi.charter.com
    190920   12-232-232-111.client.attbi.com
    190925   dhcp024-209-073-033.woh.rr.com
    191219   ip68-3-203-249.ph.ph.cox.net
    191332   nin.network1.net
    191624   Alek waves goodbye to Kris/Nick
In fact, it was so busy, that the logs show that Kris/Nick attempted an update at 191520, but someone beat 'em to it - the program will only allow one update/second. BTW, it's possible to LOCKOUT anyone from making changes except a specified IP address (which is what I'll do for the RoShamBo contest since the light change is your throw), but I didn't want to hassle Kris with looking this up, etc.

So thanx Kris/Nick for being good sports and here are the actual images they saw on their screen. Note that the other folks would have seen slightly different pictures, since they were toggling lights also as Dirk and I were pulling Nick's Rescue Heros selection from our stack between shots.

Alek shines his flashlight at the camera - it started fading shortly thereafter!
Note airplane in the top left - these are visible if oriented at the webcam.

Dirk holds up Billy Blazes with his Pooh Gloves

Rescue Hero Kenny Rider (selected by Kris) - yea, it's hard to tell he's on a Motorcycle ...

The webcam occasionally doesn't work right - "what the heck is THAT Alek?"

This is the Rescue Hero dog - I'll have to ask Dirk his name.
Note Dirk's face visible to the right - this was a better angle.

A sneak preview of the ROCK Myke will be seeing during our RoShamBo contest at 2130 MST on Sunday, December 29th! ;-)

Heading back into the warm house!!!!