Wed Dec 18 11:39 MST 2002
From: Alek O. Komarnitsky
Subject: 22,000 Xmas lights are WIND powered!

Daily Camera,

I enjoyed the "Holidays Lights" guide in last Friday's paper,
although I could be considered biased since I was featured in it!
I want to thank Susan Glairon for the nice article, and it was a
pleasure dealing with her and other members of the Boulder Camera Staff.

Given that Boulder is very "environmentally-aware", I thought
your readers might be interested in a late-breaking twist
that did not make the article. I got an Email out of the blue
from a David Kovsky, who "challenged" me to sign up for "Wind Power"
to provide the electricity for my 22,000 lights.

Quite frankly, my initial (politically incorrect) thoughts were
"yet another vocal Boulder eco-terrorist" ... and after all the
time and money I had spent allready on this, I was not keen on
paying the $2.50/100 KiloWatt-hour surcharge for Wind generated power.

However, David "walked the talk" ... and sent me a check to
insure that the electricity would be wind-powered ... which
impressed the heck out of me. You can read more about it at:
which has links to how you can sign up for wind-power.

So while there are lots of Xmas displays in the world,
I bet Boulder, Colorado is unique in having 22,000 Xmas lights
powered by wind power - yet another "Only in Boulder!"   ;-)

Happy Holidays,