AWDK's 2002 bazillions of Xmas lights ... or is it Christmas lights? ;-)

We had 12,000 lights for Xmas/2000 and 16,000 lights for Xmas/2001. What's in store for 2002?!?

1. More power! I installed some dedicated ciruits directly from the breaker box to an outside panel - check it out here.

2. With more power, more lights! Since we got a *LOT* of white lights at 90% off clearance after January 1st this year, we'll probably see "Frostie the Snowman" replace the "Tree" and "Star" from years earlier.

3. Demo of how Webcam and Webcontrol could be used to turn the lights on and off via the Internet! Since these are all X-10 controlled, one could simply write a Perl/CGI Web interface that interacts with a webcam and not only grabs real-time pictures of the lights, but also allows you to turn them ON and OFF by sending X10 commands through the house wiring. It should be interesting to see the human interaction on this one! ;-)

Check back here after Thanksgiving/2002 to see (and control!) the lights.

Xmas 2001
xmas 2001

Xmas 2000
xmas 2001