Christmas 2004 Web Stats

Here's various usage stats on the christmas webcam and all of the christmas lights stuff

Tons of web sites mentioned my Christmas stuff up until Xmas, including a LOT of traditional media as the story went out on the AP National Wire - heck, even had TV stations coming by for live shots cumulating in a ride in the ABC-7 Helicopter where I provided a live airborne report from 1,000' straight up! ;-) There was another tornado of media frenzy after I revealed the christmas hoax. I talk in detail about the traffic from some of these in my Slashdot Effect analysis. where I also tried took a shot at tracking the impact from the first Associated Press article that was been picked up ... welllll ... just about everywhere. The data does not fully account for all traffic on the site, plus I was mirroring some content.

What type of browser/operating system do people use?

While the browser/operating system can be spoofed (as can most everything), this isn't done very often in this area. I would expect the numbers to be biased toward Open Source products since a lot of the visitors came from more technical sites such as Slashdot and MajorGeeks ... but here's the summary data that is based on hits:
   Percent   Browser
   67.86%    MSIE - vast majority MSIE6 - saw 49 hits from MSIE7+ - Bill Gates?!?
   21.19     Firefox - the best browser around!
    2.74     Netscape - even 413 from Netscape3.x - ahhh, the good old days!  ;-)
    2.71     Safari - Apple browser
    2.37     Mozilla
    1.58     Opera
    1.55     Other (includes various search engine bots)

   Percent   Operating System
   66.76%    Windows/XP
   13.96     Windows 2000
    6.12     Windows 98
    3.97     Other Windows (33 hits from Window3.1!   ;-)
    3.43     Linux
    0.20     Other Unix
    4.42     Macintosh
    1.14     Other (includes various search engine bots)