Christmas Eve Updates on the christmas webcam

Controllable Christmas Lights Battled Colorado Blizzard and Now Watching for Santa on Christm Eve!!!
The recent Colorado SnowStorm (see videos) means it will be a very white Christmas. Webcam3 will be moved downstairs on Christmas Eve (and controls on until Midnight!) to keep an eye on the tree and chimney to see if we can catch the Big Red Guy again - see 2005 footage of Santa & Rudolph landing on the roof and subsequently coming down the chimney! ;-)
2:00PM Update: Website is fairly busy this early in the day - could be an interesting Christmas Eve at! ;-)
4:00PM Update: Snow starting to fall as number of viewers climbs above 400 - four dedicated 100 Mbps Apache/Linux Web Servers handling with no problem.
5:00PM Update: Recommend surfers keep the inflatables ON so they don't get covered with snow. Number of viewers climbs above 600 - WOW!!!
6:00PM Update: Santa's Workshop Cam moved downstairs to watch tree and chimney. Number of viewers is over 700 - web servers starting to sweat a bit.
7:00PM Update: NORAD reports that Santa is crossing the Atlantic and NSA signal-analysis of his communications with the North Pole elves indicate he plans to stop at this house first when he hits Colorado. Number of Viewers is now over 1,400 - WOW!!! Web servers are sweating a bit more, but keeping up!
9:00PM Update: Slashdot has this on their front page now
12:00PM Update: Now on the front page of DIGG ... so what the heck, it's Christmas ... lets leave the lights controllable all night long!
EMERGENCY ALERT - 3,000+ number of viewers - Scotty says "Control Circuits threatening to overload Captain"
02:00AM Update: Returning back to "normal" as number of viewers drops below 1,000 - wow, what a crazy Christmas Eve - way over 100 GBytes of images pushed, but web servers handled the load well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!