427 christmas text messages on 2014/1224

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,207 times that day including 4,142 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1224

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_12_24_16:00:35.856   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's Chrismas Eve - Webcams and X10 on an hour early ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_16:00:44.218   107.147.100.xxx   hey carter
2014_12_24_16:01:04.987   098.177.171.xxx   Merry Christmas ho ho ho
2014_12_24_16:01:26.681   050.190.128.xxx   Merry Christmas Eve!
2014_12_24_16:01:40.645   107.147.100.xxx   hey carter
2014_12_24_16:02:27.686   107.147.100.xxx   ho ho ho
2014_12_24_16:02:42.407   099.237.167.xxx   Merry Christmas
2014_12_24_16:03:44.888   064.203.196.xxx   Merry Christmas!  You are a good person for helping others!
2014_12_24_16:03:47.490   107.147.100.xxx   i love you ca**ie kline!
2014_12_24_16:05:11.894   107.147.100.xxx   c a** ie
2014_12_24_16:05:13.525   064.203.196.xxx   All we are saying is give peace a chance
2014_12_24_16:05:22.815   068.106.030.xxx   Snow Tomorrow
2014_12_24_16:06:12.202   099.237.167.xxx   Santa is Coming
2014_12_24_16:07:09.111   050.190.128.xxx   anyone watching the santa tracker?
2014_12_24_16:07:09.608   107.147.100.xxx   merry christmas princess - austin
2014_12_24_16:09:55.129   094.194.006.xxx   Merry boxing day eve eve. :D
2014_12_24_16:10:14.384   107.147.100.xxx   hi carter
2014_12_24_16:10:17.418   050.190.128.xxx   Tomorrow's Christmas, it's practically here!
2014_12_24_16:10:49.667   094.194.006.xxx   erry xmas in some timezones
2014_12_24_16:10:51.709   099.237.167.xxx   Merry cristmas
2014_12_24_16:11:14.355   050.190.128.xxx   cant believe this is the last year! :(
2014_12_24_16:11:24.617   099.237.167.xxx   GO THORNHILL REBELS
2014_12_24_16:11:25.909   107.147.100.xxx   merry christmas princess - austin
2014_12_24_16:11:40.657   094.194.006.xxx   Happy spending spree week
2014_12_24_16:12:16.416   107.147.100.xxx   merry christmas princess - austin
2014_12_24_16:12:40.678   094.194.006.xxx   3 x ho
2014_12_24_16:13:08.803   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa in Algeria ... ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_16:13:21.836   107.147.100.xxx   hey bae (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_16:14:00.492   107.147.100.xxx   hey b (11)
2014_12_24_16:14:15.567   050.190.128.xxx   i ___3 mohammad -danielle 90 day fiance love!
2014_12_24_16:14:23.135   094.194.006.xxx   celebrate with cake
2014_12_24_16:15:10.650   107.077.087.xxx   Merry Christmas Austin I love you
2014_12_24_16:15:14.431   050.190.128.xxx   how about no!!!
2014_12_24_16:15:41.721   094.194.006.xxx   :-(
2014_12_24_16:16:12.468   107.205.251.xxx   Merry chirstmas im getting an iphone
2014_12_24_16:16:27.328   068.060.127.xxx   iphones are crap
2014_12_24_16:16:45.495   094.194.006.xxx   nokia 3310 = best phone
2014_12_24_16:16:49.927   107.205.251.xxx   no they arent
2014_12_24_16:17:07.138   068.060.127.xxx   i-anything is junk
2014_12_24_16:17:28.234   094.194.006.xxx   1v1 minecraft
2014_12_24_16:18:19.770   107.077.087.xxx   Merry Christmas Austin I love you
2014_12_24_16:18:54.065   094.194.006.xxx   Austin loves you too
2014_12_24_16:19:05.756   107.205.251.xxx   Iphone 6 is thebest
2014_12_24_16:19:49.519   094.194.006.xxx   best at wasting money (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_16:19:58.310   068.060.127.xxx   iphone is a over rated piece of junk
2014_12_24_16:21:02.581   068.060.127.xxx   this is austin...fyi i hate you
2014_12_24_16:22:10.862   076.169.111.xxx   A Very Merry Christmas to all!
2014_12_24_16:22:48.911   094.194.006.xxx   merry day after christmas eve eve :) (11)
2014_12_24_16:24:09.933   094.194.006.xxx   this site makes me want dail up :( (12)
2014_12_24_16:28:06.868   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Holidays
2014_12_24_16:28:28.797   094.194.006.xxx   So, i heard it's nearly christmas... (13)
2014_12_24_16:30:43.662   071.201.027.xxx   Happy Holidays to All
2014_12_24_16:31:44.301   076.169.111.xxx   Thank you for the displays, Alek!
2014_12_24_16:32:14.054   115.070.086.xxx   VK2XLJ was here
2014_12_24_16:32:33.731   071.212.061.xxx   Great display for Christmas day!
2014_12_24_16:36:38.351   187.056.028.xxx   ufo
2014_12_24_16:37:18.479   094.194.006.xxx   zomg, ufo? where? :O (14)
2014_12_24_16:37:29.825   115.070.086.xxx   Ho Ho ho and other gardening tools
2014_12_24_16:37:51.278   187.056.028.xxx   ufo floating
2014_12_24_16:38:23.634   094.194.006.xxx   i want to belive (15)
2014_12_24_16:38:36.650   115.070.086.xxx   Don't worry Alex, everything is fine
2014_12_24_16:39:21.663   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for keeping an eyes on things - keep lights FLASHING for Santa! ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_16:39:22.418   187.056.028.xxx   they are out there
2014_12_24_16:40:26.626   094.194.006.xxx   wait, is it santas ufo? o_o (16)
2014_12_24_16:40:38.824   187.056.028.xxx   yes
2014_12_24_16:40:39.773   084.189.159.xxx   hallo kira
2014_12_24_16:41:49.280   094.194.006.xxx   yay for dog walker :D (17)
2014_12_24_16:42:00.354   187.056.028.xxx   yes
2014_12_24_16:42:21.979   071.201.027.xxx   Merry Christmas Janis My Love
2014_12_24_16:44:31.895   094.194.006.xxx   where's the 3rd ho? (18)
2014_12_24_16:47:05.518   082.025.057.xxx   happy christmas from Stafford, England
2014_12_24_16:48:33.209   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wasn't enough room on the front lawn for a third HO ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_16:49:12.870   094.194.006.xxx   lol, oh kay :P (19)
2014_12_24_16:50:08.903   115.070.086.xxx   Hello from DownUnder
2014_12_24_16:51:10.767   094.194.006.xxx   cool, what time is it in aussieland? :D (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_16:51:34.531   115.070.086.xxx   10.50am Christmas day
2014_12_24_16:52:20.497   082.025.057.xxx   we are 8 minutes away in England
2014_12_24_16:54:01.693   094.194.006.xxx   travel to use, go back in time :D (21)
2014_12_24_16:54:40.614   094.194.006.xxx   u.s.a___ (22)
2014_12_24_16:55:54.016   115.070.086.xxx   Watch out for The Hulk..... Alek
2014_12_24_16:58:03.779   094.194.006.xxx   HULK PAY DAMAGE FEES! (23)
2014_12_24_17:00:32.668   094.194.006.xxx   Well, merry christmas from UK land (24)
2014_12_24_17:02:21.053   068.150.161.xxx   Ook ook bek ack
2014_12_24_17:03:42.309   115.070.086.xxx   This is fanmazing
2014_12_24_17:09:29.619   074.192.005.xxx   Merry Christmas Eve everybody!
2014_12_24_17:10:27.496   190.016.023.xxx   Merry Christmas, can you touch the energy ball?
2014_12_24_17:12:42.435   074.192.005.xxx   If you touch the electric ball it will make your hand stink i know cuz i have o
2014_12_24_17:18:05.119   094.194.006.xxx   Why so mad? (25)
2014_12_24_17:19:49.975   094.194.006.xxx   it went dark quick :O (26)
2014_12_24_17:21:15.391   094.194.006.xxx   lol, ho kay :) (27)
2014_12_24_17:22:31.490   187.056.028.xxx   ufo
2014_12_24_17:23:37.519   069.195.067.xxx   Hello all
2014_12_24_17:23:43.917   024.074.096.xxx   Hey Madison Merry Christmas
2014_12_24_17:25:26.173   094.194.006.xxx   dats sum kewls leet skills yo (28)
2014_12_24_17:25:52.649   108.021.114.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brooklyn
2014_12_24_17:26:40.989   107.077.076.xxx   Merry Christmas from CT
2014_12_24_17:27:40.726   094.194.006.xxx   Bah Humbug :P (29)
2014_12_24_17:36:12.675   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Is that you Ebenezer Scrooge ... ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_17:37:31.656   094.194.006.xxx   What gave it away? o_o (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_17:40:03.128   094.194.006.xxx   Nice plasma ball action :D (31)
2014_12_24_17:40:53.020   099.022.050.xxx   Merry Christmas Wainscotts!!!
2014_12_24_17:42:28.298   082.014.005.xxx   NORAD is showing that Santa is on his way!!!
2014_12_24_17:43:34.126   094.194.006.xxx   No way. :O (32)
2014_12_24_17:48:03.814   087.014.081.xxx   Buon Natale! - Marry Christmas!
2014_12_24_17:48:27.060   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Slight adjustment on webcam1 so ON/OFF are better seen ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_17:48:29.387   096.243.037.xxx   'ello from Soylentnews.org
2014_12_24_17:48:49.174   037.228.111.xxx   sad to see you go.
2014_12_24_18:01:01.153   074.192.005.xxx   Who has already gotten their presents from santa?
2014_12_24_18:04:30.058   074.192.005.xxx   Alek, are you excited about Christmas tomorrow?
2014_12_24_18:05:56.444   071.105.053.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek, we'll miss you next year!
2014_12_24_18:09:24.808   082.035.106.xxx   MERRY XMAS TO ALL METAL DETECTORISTS
2014_12_24_18:15:11.107   050.190.128.xxx   Merry christmas everyone!!!!!!
2014_12_24_18:20:56.476   207.237.017.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2014_12_24_18:23:57.704   107.205.251.xxx   merry chirstmas
2014_12_24_18:24:31.340   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Internet - where is Santa? ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_18:25:04.793   070.215.070.xxx   Gimme some booze, like some pbr
2014_12_24_18:25:52.008   070.215.070.xxx   Thanks
2014_12_24_18:26:04.909   190.253.025.xxx   OJO SE EMBORRACHA KOMAR JEJEJEJEJE
2014_12_24_18:26:19.947   207.237.017.xxx   Thanks for doing this!!!!
2014_12_24_18:28:43.520   024.237.158.xxx   I return glasses man.
2014_12_24_18:29:50.612   024.237.158.xxx   oh. what a nice everything you have here. a shame.
2014_12_24_18:30:55.347   024.237.158.xxx   i***** is the greatest threat to the world.
2014_12_24_18:32:02.852   024.237.158.xxx   it's happening
2014_12_24_18:32:51.198   058.006.101.xxx   Merry xmas Brigid!
2014_12_24_18:37:08.665   071.007.184.xxx   merry christmas mom
2014_12_24_18:39:20.646   095.075.025.xxx   ___argentina                    ___white
2014_12_24_18:42:20.345   068.118.068.xxx   Merry howling gale from the volcanic basin of Klamath Falls, OR.
2014_12_24_18:42:50.285   068.108.041.xxx   Vegas here wishing Merry Christmas to all!
2014_12_24_18:45:23.399   037.188.078.xxx   From Holland a very merry Christmas
2014_12_24_18:46:14.546   097.089.162.xxx   Die CIS Scum!
2014_12_24_18:46:26.048   101.173.085.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Bendigo
2014_12_24_18:46:50.622   037.188.078.xxx   Merry Christmas, from amsterdam
2014_12_24_18:47:24.860   184.153.250.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Fayetteville, NY
2014_12_24_18:47:32.447   097.089.162.xxx   All I want for Christmas is a White Women- Barack Obama
2014_12_24_18:48:01.189   068.108.041.xxx   Be nice. It's Christmas
2014_12_24_18:48:17.553   037.188.078.xxx   True
2014_12_24_18:48:19.076   097.089.162.xxx   You mean Holidays
2014_12_24_18:48:27.977   066.177.116.xxx   don't stop
2014_12_24_18:50:46.637   073.002.203.xxx   540 people viewing Christmas Lights - SERVER MELTDOWN!
2014_12_24_18:51:30.739   037.188.078.xxx   Oops
2014_12_24_18:55:33.765   027.253.071.xxx   CANT CORNER THE DORNER
2014_12_24_18:55:50.032   037.188.078.xxx   Try to make some sense
2014_12_24_18:56:18.807   207.237.017.xxx   PBR is the best beer
2014_12_24_18:56:53.360   037.188.078.xxx   Grolsch is
2014_12_24_18:59:03.403   081.098.102.xxx   Santa is on his way
2014_12_24_19:01:01.842   081.098.102.xxx   Think your on the wrong website for that
2014_12_24_19:01:47.349   081.098.102.xxx   Clean your act up please
2014_12_24_19:01:55.488   037.188.078.xxx   Its called frustration
2014_12_24_19:02:15.383   067.237.065.xxx   I just lost the game
2014_12_24_19:03:38.491   210.003.160.xxx   hey
2014_12_24_19:04:15.546   207.237.017.xxx   This is a very cozy setup you got here
2014_12_24_19:05:00.797   081.098.102.xxx   Stepping santa isn't working :(
2014_12_24_19:05:34.663   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Stepping Santa transformer blew - sorry ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_19:05:46.062   210.003.160.xxx   Umbrella Movement
2014_12_24_19:06:28.737   081.098.102.xxx   Poor stepping santa, working too hard on Christmas Eve
2014_12_24_19:06:45.040   207.237.017.xxx   Why u cant do this next year?
2014_12_24_19:08:42.583   081.098.102.xxx   We're into the early hours here in uk, goodnight everyone
2014_12_24_19:09:42.084   081.098.102.xxx   Goodnight Alek and family, have a good day
2014_12_24_19:12:48.853   081.098.102.xxx   From gill,Luke's mum
2014_12_24_19:13:12.457   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings From Green Valley, AZ  USA
2014_12_24_19:16:28.795   097.089.162.xxx   ol m8 i rek ur mum
2014_12_24_19:17:12.423   068.106.030.xxx   Happy Holidays
2014_12_24_19:18:07.353   199.007.157.xxx   what's the point of living without komar
2014_12_24_19:21:48.862   050.190.128.xxx   somethings wrong with you!
2014_12_24_19:22:40.969   050.190.128.xxx   nasty
2014_12_24_19:22:44.196   089.242.207.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ireland for the final year
2014_12_24_19:22:46.444   071.127.155.xxx   ...
2014_12_24_19:23:16.008   199.066.147.xxx   Thanks from all of us in South Texas!
2014_12_24_19:24:11.315   089.242.207.xxx   Thanks from Ireland for the final year Alek Griswold
2014_12_24_19:26:10.033   071.127.155.xxx   Hello, World!
2014_12_24_19:26:56.248   068.001.167.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM RHODE ISLAND!!
2014_12_24_19:30:07.390   071.007.172.xxx   Yare yare daze
2014_12_24_19:31:53.120   213.205.252.xxx   Oh dear, very, very drunk...
2014_12_24_19:32:28.042   097.089.121.xxx   sammy claus is coming tonight!!!!
2014_12_24_19:48:35.480   024.237.158.xxx   merry Christmas to one and all
2014_12_24_19:49:48.306   067.003.196.xxx   Help, I'm trapped in a christmas message factory!
2014_12_24_19:51:13.168   067.003.196.xxx   Notice the backwards clock on the wall? /___
2014_12_24_19:51:55.717   172.056.008.xxx   hello roxie
2014_12_24_19:53:01.350   172.056.008.xxx   ROXIE IS MY MONKEY
2014_12_24_19:58:45.614   216.221.075.xxx   Jakob
2014_12_24_20:00:12.162   067.003.196.xxx   Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Komar! Oh, and wave! :-)
2014_12_24_20:05:52.692   067.237.044.xxx   Back again for the 8th year WOOHOO! It's a tradition now
2014_12_24_20:08:33.250   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas Dear Friends & Family!
2014_12_24_20:10:26.649   024.242.106.xxx   Hi Mom
2014_12_24_20:10:55.226   097.119.091.xxx   kek
2014_12_24_20:12:08.471   108.036.130.xxx   Keep the lights lit!
2014_12_24_20:16:56.822   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and Family!!!
2014_12_24_20:18:16.030   067.003.196.xxx   Hippy new year!!
2014_12_24_20:20:41.674   108.036.130.xxx   Kala Christouyenna!
2014_12_24_20:21:20.906   108.036.130.xxx   Melekalikmaka!
2014_12_24_20:21:38.389   108.167.116.xxx   Merry christmas from New Brockton Al the phillips fam
2014_12_24_20:24:25.578   108.036.130.xxx   Joyeux Noel!
2014_12_24_20:26:09.058   108.036.130.xxx   Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia!
2014_12_24_20:27:40.103   108.036.130.xxx   Nollaig shona dhuit!
2014_12_24_20:29:01.563   108.036.130.xxx   Buone Feste Natalizie!
2014_12_24_20:29:39.529   071.007.172.xxx   ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA
2014_12_24_20:29:52.129   108.036.130.xxx   God Jul! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_20:30:47.583   058.166.142.xxx   Merry Xmas from Australia!
2014_12_24_20:31:47.447   098.200.208.xxx   Happy Winter Holidays from Texas!!!
2014_12_24_20:32:36.668   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas Kiting Tampa Bay! (11)
2014_12_24_20:33:17.021   098.200.208.xxx   Santa likes licking little boys and girls!
2014_12_24_20:33:35.997   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas Jersey Crew! (12)
2014_12_24_20:33:59.087   075.069.163.xxx   Merry Christmas from Cape Cod
2014_12_24_20:36:35.023   099.250.172.xxx   Sad to hear 2014 is last year :(
2014_12_24_20:37:05.451   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas, Susquehanna Tethered Areodyne Pilots! (13)
2014_12_24_20:38:21.318   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas, Luke! (14)
2014_12_24_20:38:48.951   174.016.234.xxx   I love you all!
2014_12_24_20:39:45.184   174.016.234.xxx   Charles is the best!
2014_12_24_20:40:35.845   108.036.130.xxx   Merry Christmas, WOWsters! (15)
2014_12_24_20:45:30.172   108.036.130.xxx   Hulk says have a Smashing Christmas! (16)
2014_12_24_20:45:44.086   024.008.140.xxx   Alek ROCKS - how about some extra time tonight?
2014_12_24_20:47:27.438   098.023.083.xxx   I am the walrus
2014_12_24_20:49:48.578   099.237.167.xxx   Domo Was Here
2014_12_24_20:50:02.157   098.023.083.xxx   Alek went off to twist up a splif.
2014_12_24_20:50:50.917   098.248.136.xxx   merry christmas choster
2014_12_24_20:51:17.640   108.036.130.xxx   Have a Merry Christmas Everybody! (17)
2014_12_24_20:52:04.806   098.023.083.xxx   I will put up lights when I get out of prison.
2014_12_24_20:53:11.930   098.023.083.xxx   His neighbors are ready to burn down his house.
2014_12_24_20:53:39.273   098.248.136.xxx   im gonna get in the car and go see some lights
2014_12_24_20:53:41.509   108.036.130.xxx   Lots of coal delivery tonight! (18)
2014_12_24_20:54:31.621   098.023.083.xxx   Lots of hot man love tonight!
2014_12_24_20:55:39.596   104.231.128.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Lima, Ohio!
2014_12_24_20:56:08.177   098.248.136.xxx   farewell christmas lights thing.. i will miss you
2014_12_24_20:56:27.420   098.023.083.xxx   farewell christmas night pooty.
2014_12_24_20:57:04.464   098.248.136.xxx   good bye lights... the torch needs to pass to a new griswold
2014_12_24_20:57:07.905   098.023.083.xxx   brought to you by Kinko the Clown.
2014_12_24_21:02:08.340   068.150.161.xxx   Tee haw!
2014_12_24_21:05:11.370   107.209.221.xxx   omg wtf bbq!!
2014_12_24_21:05:24.431   064.053.212.xxx   I've watched since my son was a toddler---I'll miss this so much!
2014_12_24_21:06:16.901   107.209.221.xxx   bummer about being the last year, thanks for the fun!
2014_12_24_21:07:16.336   068.150.161.xxx   It's a wonderful lights
2014_12_24_21:10:11.307   071.174.010.xxx   Fun, fun, fun!
2014_12_24_21:13:12.956   068.150.161.xxx   Run run run
2014_12_24_21:15:22.888   068.150.161.xxx   Breaking news!!  Santa crashed sleigh in nyc
2014_12_24_21:16:39.000   070.215.070.xxx   Yikes!!! Oof!!!!
2014_12_24_21:16:51.102   206.174.165.xxx   I am glad the site is gone- I want all my time back I wasted here
2014_12_24_21:17:35.817   099.192.121.xxx   Idiotic message deleted
2014_12_24_21:18:35.231   206.174.165.xxx   The site looks fun and then you are trapped always coming back
2014_12_24_21:18:51.491   068.150.161.xxx   Come back is the key
2014_12_24_21:19:38.051   206.174.165.xxx   Its like the hotel california you can check in to the site but never leave!
2014_12_24_21:20:47.629   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on the Hotel California - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_21:21:05.980   206.174.165.xxx   I am so glad that grottotree thing never works good forther waste of time
2014_12_24_21:22:34.680   206.174.165.xxx   Anyone technical enough here to tell me how to get my time back?
2014_12_24_21:25:22.890   076.025.013.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2014_12_24_21:25:43.286   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** An extra hour added since it is Christmas Eve ... HO HO HO! ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_21:25:59.725   068.150.161.xxx   Yay!!!
2014_12_24_21:26:56.370   206.174.165.xxx   NEWS: The Interview was posted to ALL filesharing sites!
2014_12_24_21:27:17.940   068.150.161.xxx   That's old news
2014_12_24_21:28:40.580   068.150.161.xxx   Santa is in intensive care in New York after crashing
2014_12_24_21:31:31.405   050.150.020.xxx   First Craig Ferguson, now Alek leaving , whats next?
2014_12_24_21:32:14.339   068.150.161.xxx   Santa retiring (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_21:33:14.902   099.192.121.xxx   What did you guys do with Komar ?!
2014_12_24_21:36:05.619   068.150.161.xxx   He's watching tv (11)
2014_12_24_21:36:25.664   206.174.165.xxx   068.150 wasted the most amout of time here! WINNER! Wins new basement!
2014_12_24_21:37:11.175   068.150.161.xxx   It's fun (12)
2014_12_24_21:37:23.270   206.174.165.xxx   To be installed in his MOMs basement!
2014_12_24_21:37:53.202   068.150.161.xxx   Funny boy you are.... (13)
2014_12_24_21:38:58.195   206.174.165.xxx   We have another WINNER! Most off topic posts about nothing on this site!
2014_12_24_21:39:04.607   099.192.121.xxx   Wait...people actually still watch T.V. ....
2014_12_24_21:40:04.940   068.150.161.xxx   Of course. (14)
2014_12_24_21:41:55.178   151.231.023.xxx   I ___3 Peanut Butter
2014_12_24_21:42:09.840   206.174.165.xxx   It's too sad but someone had to get the prizes at the close of the site (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_21:42:13.527   068.150.161.xxx   9:42 and all is well.... (15)
2014_12_24_21:42:27.124   108.059.219.xxx   hey kaylee merry christmas
2014_12_24_21:42:45.703   151.231.023.xxx   Karl Marx was right!
2014_12_24_21:43:14.771   068.150.161.xxx   Go back to your hole in the ground (16)
2014_12_24_21:43:36.155   108.059.219.xxx   hey blade love you
2014_12_24_21:44:34.999   151.231.023.xxx   Communism is the only rational form of government.
2014_12_24_21:44:50.610   108.059.219.xxx   kaylee wishes everyone a merry christmas
2014_12_24_21:45:00.107   098.110.038.xxx   Yo buddy, still alive?
2014_12_24_21:45:25.405   206.174.165.xxx   So rational isnow called running out of other peoples money (11)
2014_12_24_21:45:38.643   068.150.161.xxx   Guns and USA don't mix (17)
2014_12_24_21:46:04.081   151.231.023.xxx   Pro-gun = pro-murder
2014_12_24_21:47:24.560   206.174.165.xxx   Non of the regulars post here anymore (12)
2014_12_24_21:48:21.076   068.150.161.xxx   How would you possibly know who is a regular? (18)
2014_12_24_21:48:22.608   151.231.023.xxx   Merry 420mas! Remember to give your kids weed!
2014_12_24_21:49:00.671   068.150.161.xxx   You shouldn't joke about drugs (19)
2014_12_24_21:49:10.890   206.174.165.xxx   You still have no clue how this site works or the internet just push buttons (13)
2014_12_24_21:49:42.922   024.008.140.xxx   What
2014_12_24_21:49:48.885   068.150.161.xxx   I work in IT. I think I knw a thing r two sonny (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_21:50:29.981   068.150.161.xxx   And I'm a regular... (21)
2014_12_24_21:51:05.974   024.008.140.xxx   where is the helicopter
2014_12_24_21:51:56.797   076.169.111.xxx   Noooo!  Don't stop doing this!  Come back in '15! :)
2014_12_24_21:52:19.533   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone :D
2014_12_24_21:52:36.605   024.008.140.xxx   you to
2014_12_24_21:53:59.343   076.169.111.xxx   Santa will be here soon!  Get to bed!
2014_12_24_21:55:22.265   068.150.161.xxx   Ho HO ho!  You've been bad! (22)
2014_12_24_21:55:29.918   024.008.140.xxx   Santa comes at 1:00
2014_12_24_21:56:19.139   068.150.161.xxx   Santa doesn't visit hackers (23)
2014_12_24_21:56:48.578   024.008.140.xxx   yes
2014_12_24_21:56:49.074   206.174.165.xxx   OH SORRY! You are the god of the internet I FORGOT! (14)
2014_12_24_21:57:05.028   099.192.121.xxx   Does he visit North Korea?
2014_12_24_21:57:09.551   068.150.161.xxx   Now you knw! (24)
2014_12_24_21:57:55.124   068.150.161.xxx   I make the rules! (25)
2014_12_24_21:59:22.412   206.174.165.xxx   A regular means someone who posts revelent things not random dribble (15)
2014_12_24_22:00:14.870   172.012.069.xxx   Santa inbound for Mexico, someone give him a tamale!
2014_12_24_22:01:18.578   206.174.165.xxx   I miss the regulars so it's good its shutting down (16)
2014_12_24_22:02:14.311   172.012.069.xxx   I'm gonna miss Alek :(
2014_12_24_22:03:48.841   068.150.161.xxx   Whatever, that's not a regular (26)
2014_12_24_22:04:49.143   068.150.161.xxx   Why mst you keep coming here being so rude? (27)
2014_12_24_22:05:57.861   068.150.161.xxx   Why must you keep saying your B.S.. (28)
2014_12_24_22:06:10.255   173.070.047.xxx   merry xmas
2014_12_24_22:06:31.343   172.012.069.xxx   C'mon guys, it's Christmas. Goodwill towards men, and stuff.
2014_12_24_22:06:38.153   068.150.161.xxx   Nobody cares... (29)
2014_12_24_22:07:34.603   068.150.161.xxx   We are here to have fun, not care about your stuff (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_22:09:00.638   107.216.149.xxx   Merry Christmas!, from Trista
2014_12_24_22:10:22.507   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas Trista, Santa Hulk is watching you!
2014_12_24_22:10:27.719   107.216.149.xxx   that looks awesome!
2014_12_24_22:13:23.506   172.012.069.xxx   Over 5.5 billion presents delivered so far! Get ready, Costa Rica!
2014_12_24_22:13:55.445   107.216.149.xxx   Christ the Savior is born!
2014_12_24_22:14:01.424   206.174.165.xxx   Doesnt matter because mom says its time for IT guys bedtime (17)
2014_12_24_22:14:37.552   068.005.050.xxx   i will miss the lights..
2014_12_24_22:15:25.422   068.005.050.xxx   hi megan love Ryan.
2014_12_24_22:16:21.492   068.005.050.xxx   HI GRANDPA JOHN
2014_12_24_22:17:42.530   068.005.050.xxx   merry christmas everone from RSM ca.
2014_12_24_22:17:58.782   107.001.076.xxx   Alek - thanks from your friends at 9NEWS. -Kyle
2014_12_24_22:18:30.493   206.174.165.xxx   The funny thing is that all the code is here but no one else did it (18)
2014_12_24_22:20:00.162   206.174.165.xxx   All the code you need is on two pages even grotto did it lame but heres code (19)
2014_12_24_22:20:07.230   075.069.163.xxx   Popeyes
2014_12_24_22:20:08.423   068.005.050.xxx   I have enjoyed the lights over the years.Thank You.
2014_12_24_22:22:21.656   206.174.165.xxx   Anyone who wants to do this and be famous - there it all is grab the source NOW (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_22:25:18.459   070.208.000.xxx   Another hour of lights Alek pleeeeessse!
2014_12_24_22:25:22.675   184.096.234.xxx   Merry Christmas yo!
2014_12_24_22:26:09.776   068.005.050.xxx   Don't quit...
2014_12_24_22:27:19.158   206.174.165.xxx   When it first started REAL I thought many people would do it (21)
2014_12_24_22:28:10.473   172.012.069.xxx   Santa inbound for the Big Easy! Happy Mardi Gras! Wait, wrong holiday...
2014_12_24_22:28:48.757   206.174.165.xxx   Come on people, a few BASIC JS calls - refresh pics POST button pushed EASY! Do (22)
2014_12_24_22:28:50.740   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Extra hour ADDED - webcams and X10 controls until Midnight! ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_22:30:14.549   172.012.069.xxx   ___happy Christmas noises intensify___
2014_12_24_22:30:17.913   068.150.161.xxx   its a lot of work to do this.  Decorating, lights, programming (31)
2014_12_24_22:30:47.405   206.174.165.xxx   X10 controller is easy just send out serial port they give instructions SHEESH (23)
2014_12_24_22:31:05.295   068.150.161.xxx   Electrical, wiring, power sources (32)
2014_12_24_22:32:12.083   108.036.130.xxx   Yay! The lights are still on! (19)
2014_12_24_22:32:12.199   068.150.161.xxx   Just ask Alek how "Easy" it is every year...... (33)
2014_12_24_22:32:22.616   206.174.165.xxx   Programming is easy and just plug in X10 units and extension cords EASY (24)
2014_12_24_22:33:02.625   094.194.006.xxx   i know how to turn on my computer (33)
2014_12_24_22:33:34.723   206.174.165.xxx   Someone should send the source over to grottotree dot com guy (25)
2014_12_24_22:34:21.426   094.194.006.xxx   tomatoe source, yum (34)
2014_12_24_22:39:06.308   172.012.069.xxx   Prepare yourself, St. Louis! HO HO HO!
2014_12_24_22:39:41.171   206.174.165.xxx   At least grotto tried but IT guy didnt but yet knows it all (26)
2014_12_24_22:40:33.823   206.174.165.xxx   Step at a time get buttons to POST to cgi EASY and examples on web (27)
2014_12_24_22:41:22.841   075.070.102.xxx   thx and happy holidays :)
2014_12_24_22:41:55.027   024.008.156.xxx   Hello  Cathy
2014_12_24_22:42:05.988   206.174.165.xxx   Next find serial out source off web and send commands to X10 (28)
2014_12_24_22:45:19.652   066.190.244.xxx   Hey Alek! Thank you for the coolest Xmas lights ever.  Be well and see  you on 
2014_12_24_22:45:19.858   206.174.165.xxx   Put the two together and call the local NEWS station ! (29)
2014_12_24_22:45:20.895   172.012.069.xxx   You should do all this next year, strange IT person! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_22:47:19.640   206.174.165.xxx   Do it for your favorite charity! Come on! (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_22:50:59.315   206.174.165.xxx   Or simply buy the new Grizwold Lights Kit off ebay! (31)
2014_12_24_22:51:47.727   206.174.165.xxx   If you can change your own car oil YOU CAN DO THIS! (32)
2014_12_24_22:52:57.479   068.150.161.xxx   Shut up already (34)
2014_12_24_22:53:43.513   206.174.165.xxx   OK, you at least need to know how to upload to a web server NEVER MIND (33)
2014_12_24_22:54:30.054   172.012.069.xxx   Check that attitude at the door, Santa is WATCHING YOU! (11)
2014_12_24_22:55:39.907   206.174.165.xxx   You never shut up for all these years everyone had to put up with it (34)
2014_12_24_22:56:25.199   172.012.069.xxx   Hello, person at computer :) (12)
2014_12_24_22:57:01.393   206.174.165.xxx   I hope no one else does this anyway because it will just waste more LIFETIME (35)
2014_12_24_22:58:59.964   206.174.165.xxx   I hope no one else does this anyway because it will just waste more LIFETIME (36)
2014_12_24_22:59:24.315   172.012.069.xxx   Chritstmas lights are NEVER a waste! They're joyful and stuff. (13)
2014_12_24_23:01:21.820   206.174.165.xxx   Hi! 172.012 Aren't you at your computer too? (37)
2014_12_24_23:02:43.414   077.129.127.xxx   happy christmas from guebwiller France
2014_12_24_23:02:45.592   172.012.069.xxx   Well, yeah, but I was saying hi to the guy in office webcam. (14)
2014_12_24_23:02:57.114   068.189.060.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2014_12_24_23:03:38.082   206.174.165.xxx   Hi! 172.012 I'm at my office! (38)
2014_12_24_23:03:38.674   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas Guebwiller, France! Santa Hulk is watching you! (15)
2014_12_24_23:05:38.524   206.174.165.xxx   Hey! 172.012 Do you have a webcam and Skype too? (39)
2014_12_24_23:07:26.641   206.174.165.xxx   With Skype you could see and say hi to anyone on the other end THEY SEE YOU (40 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_23:07:35.315   172.012.069.xxx   Nah, no Skype for me! Been thinking about signing up, though. (16)
2014_12_24_23:09:30.694   206.174.165.xxx   It will be nice to not CRINGE anymore every time someone here says WAVE TO CAM! (41)
2014_12_24_23:10:46.119   172.012.069.xxx   Do you absently wave to the wall whenever someone says that? XD (17)
2014_12_24_23:11:29.549   206.174.165.xxx   Skype is about the same as here and someone on the other end will wave to you W (42)
2014_12_24_23:13:08.998   206.174.165.xxx   It's like magic! (43)
2014_12_24_23:13:57.390   172.012.069.xxx   SORCERY! (18)
2014_12_24_23:14:22.040   066.215.023.xxx   Merry X-MAS!!!
2014_12_24_23:14:25.477   206.174.165.xxx   Grotto needs an office or it ain't Komar ! (44)
2014_12_24_23:15:28.197   090.181.005.xxx   Ho. Ho. Ho.
2014_12_24_23:15:37.129   066.215.023.xxx   HO HO HO
2014_12_24_23:15:37.499   064.053.212.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_24_23:16:30.997   066.215.023.xxx   Fa lalalala
2014_12_24_23:16:49.424   068.040.236.xxx   wow, alek increased the time twice tonight? :)
2014_12_24_23:17:34.249   066.215.023.xxx   "Jingle bells jingle bells" (Someone continue)
2014_12_24_23:17:50.239   172.012.069.xxx   He's in the Christmas spirit tonight =D (19)
2014_12_24_23:18:27.515   066.215.023.xxx   Jingle all the way!!!
2014_12_24_23:18:34.007   068.040.236.xxx   sure seems that way :)
2014_12_24_23:18:59.011   172.012.069.xxx   Oh what fun it is to ride... (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_23:20:41.790   172.012.069.xxx   IN A ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH! HEY! (21)
2014_12_24_23:21:31.361   066.215.023.xxx   Greetings from Temple City California!
2014_12_24_23:21:54.780   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from picking up my mother-in-law at the airport ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_23:22:40.580   066.215.023.xxx   Where did she travel from?
2014_12_24_23:22:47.281   068.150.161.xxx   Oooh.  Mother in laws (35)
2014_12_24_23:22:57.026   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas Temple city, Cali! Santa Hulk is watching you! (22)
2014_12_24_23:24:40.665   206.174.165.xxx   This only leaves Schwippy and GrottoTree dot com (45)
2014_12_24_23:24:59.291   068.150.161.xxx   Merry Christmas.  Fred Claus is out (36)
2014_12_24_23:25:06.491   066.215.023.xxx   Excellent job with the lights!!!!
2014_12_24_23:25:51.032   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas, mother-in-law of Alek! (23)
2014_12_24_23:27:36.106   068.150.161.xxx   Raiders of the Lost Arkmismon (37)
2014_12_24_23:27:41.780   206.174.165.xxx   and you need to google Schwippy Lights just to get there (46)
2014_12_24_23:29:15.626   172.012.069.xxx   Are Schwippy and Grottotree other controllable light websites? (24)
2014_12_24_23:29:21.679   068.150.161.xxx   we don't care about other sites here (38)
2014_12_24_23:30:42.305   206.174.165.xxx   TILL ITS GONE - Schwippy Lights shows you HOW TO and code at project site (47)
2014_12_24_23:34:42.638   206.174.165.xxx   Any REAL know it all IT guy would jump on the opportunity for charity! (48)
2014_12_24_23:36:00.521   172.012.069.xxx   Santa in Texas! HOWDY Y'ALL! (25)
2014_12_24_23:36:43.894   206.174.165.xxx   It's easy as pushing the Homer DEFLATE button! Anyone can do it! (49)
2014_12_24_23:38:52.239   206.174.165.xxx   Just put a tree in a room, put some lights on it and point your webcam at it! (50 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_23:41:30.248   206.174.165.xxx   Make a web controlled X (select a holliday) WHATEVER! (51)
2014_12_24_23:47:02.149   172.012.069.xxx   The big man just flew over my house! HI SANTA :D (26)
2014_12_24_23:47:10.326   068.150.161.xxx   Sure are (39)
2014_12_24_23:47:26.813   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa due soon at the Republic of Boulder, Colorado ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_23:50:03.788   172.012.069.xxx   Maybe h**** pay your electric bill as he passes! (27)
2014_12_24_23:50:12.695   068.150.161.xxx   Yes.  Bringing Alek a new 80" UHD TV (40 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_23:50:50.790   068.150.161.xxx   Curved too (41)
2014_12_24_23:52:01.968   172.012.069.xxx   Gonna need quite a stocking to stuff that into! (28)
2014_12_24_23:52:15.031   206.174.165.xxx   GLAD ITS ALL OVER NOW! (52)
2014_12_24_23:52:35.680   098.248.136.xxx   woah still on? is this the last ngiht?
2014_12_24_23:53:44.501   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will be online for at least a few more days ... ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_23:54:18.533   172.012.069.xxx   You HAVE to show us what you get for Christmas tomorrow! (29)
2014_12_24_23:54:32.444   068.150.161.xxx   You first! (42)
2014_12_24_23:55:20.788   098.248.136.xxx   awesome. thanks for the years of lights
2014_12_24_23:57:43.005   068.150.161.xxx   its almost midnight!  Nights over soon (43)
2014_12_24_23:58:30.012   068.150.161.xxx   Merry Christmas!mmHappy Frstivus! (44)
2014_12_24_23:58:46.958   172.012.069.xxx   Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_24_23:58:47.210   146.090.029.xxx   A very merry Xmas to you and your family
2014_12_24_23:58:49.201   184.075.213.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and your family!
2014_12_24_23:59:23.716   068.150.161.xxx   Countdown has begun (45)
2014_12_24_23:59:28.272   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas everyone!!! ***ALEK***
2014_12_24_23:59:34.357   172.012.069.xxx   I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH (31)
2014_12_24_23:59:34.559   098.248.136.xxx   _______________ griswold

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