Drew Curtis@Fark.Com takes on The Hulk@Komar.Org

Drew Curtis from the infamous and hilarious Fark.Com site was visiting his family in Colorado so I invited all eight of 'em over for dinner. We were on round three of Colorado snow storms - about 8" had come down that day after over three feet the previous two weeks. So the roads were a bit slippery and there was some good comedy as the Watching Grass Grow Webcams caught live action of us struggling to get the cars up the driveway - see picture/video below.

It was fun meeting Drew and his extended family and they seemed to enjoy the BBQ Shrimp & BBQ Ribs I whipped up. Plus my wife Wendy made a delicious Flan which Grandma toasted with some 20-year old Dow's Port that Drew had bought. We then hammed it up with The Incredible Hulk a bit ... ;-)

Is Drew stronger than The Hulk?!? ;-)

drew smash hulk

Don't make him angry Drew

drew smash hulk

Even Farker's get stuck in snow - watch video

click to watch video

Drew's Grandma - funny, feisty lady!

drew grandma

I brought Drew's book on an Antarctica cruise - more pics here

fark antarctica 1

fark antarctica 2

A Polar Bears "poops" when he sees the book in Churchill, Canada

fark polar bears churchill canada