The first two months in the Dirk Zone

A rare shot of Dirk sucking his thumb Typically, someone else has to supply the finger
thumb.jpg finger.jpg
Putting Dirk on the dryer puts him to sleep Another place he crashes - Mommy is hands-free too
dryer.jpg sling1.jpg
Dirk working out in his Gym He likes this!
gym1.jpg gym2.jpg
Alek's Mom knitted this blanket when he was a baby Someone should send Dad to Dirk's gym!
blanket.jpg naked-dad.jpg
Dr. "Z" checking out Dirk One month weigh-in ... almost 7 pounds!
dr-z.jpg scale.jpg
Dirk taking Zantec for his tummy Pretty much sums up how he feels about it!
zantac1.jpg zantac2.jpg
Dirk's first dip into Lake Washington at Chism Park AWD & Alek's brother Kris, wife Katherine, son Nick
chism.jpg komars.jpg