Some misc. pictures of Dirk from his 2nd year ...

Lawerence of Arabia? At McDonalds Playland
arabia.jpg ballgood2.jpg
This boy is lookin' for trouble! ;-) But just wants to have fun ...
crawling2.jpg crawling.jpg
Feed Me! Dirk-n-Casey ...
dirk1.jpg dirk-casey.jpg
How does this spoon work? Ahhh ... so it goes in the mouth!
dirk7.jpg dirk6.jpg
Corn on the cob is tasty Little fingers pickin' up the rice
fingers1.jpg fingers2.jpg
Recovering from Adenoid Removal Hospital gowns don't leave much to the imagination
hospital3.jpg hospital9.jpg
Pretty good mood afterwards Lets chew our way out of this place!
hospital7.jpg hospital6.jpg
Here comes the Ice Cream Man! Would you like a popsicle?
icecream6.jpg icecream5.jpg
Dirk prefers a window seat Watch me take ALL of these toys out
watch-plane.jpg stand-smile.jpg
Dirk thought the funnel was soooo cool! Such excitement from the little boy
pool7.jpg pool8.jpg
Playing in the wagon is fun too Dirk the waterboy!
pool6.jpg pool3.jpg
Dirk goes shopping for produce! These was shot in July/1999
scale2.jpg scale3.jpg
Dirk the RV Driver Lets start rolling
rv1.jpg rv2.jpg
Stepped on the brakes too hard ... Lets race cars instead ...
rv3.jpg racecar.jpg
Dirk's "new" look