The "inside" story on Dirk

Week 9: Here's a Sonogram of "Pinto" at 9 weeks. We call it "pinto" because it is the size of a pinto bean! ;-)

S/He (it!) is the blob in the middle of the boomarang shaped image at the bottom. One can't really make out much on the sonogram ... but when you see it in real-time, you actually see the heart beat ... and every once in a while, it wiggles like a worm.

This may not look like much to you ... but rest assured that to the mother and father, it is *QUITE* cool!

Week13: At week 13, we listened to Pinto's heartbeat ... you can too! ;-)

The docter put a "doppler device" on Wendy's tummy, which amplifies the sound. We then used the Sound Recorder on the laptop to record this. I then re-sampled at 8 KB/sec mono, so the output file (WAV format) isn't that large. It is 123 KBytes, so it should take less than a minute (at typical modem speeds) for the audio file to download, and then click on the speaker to hear it. You should be able to figure out what the heart rate is! ;-)

Talk to me Pinto!

Week 20: More sonogram shots ... little bit bigger, eh?!?
Pinto with his eyes wide open looking at you This is definately a Pinto ... rather than Pinta ;-)
week20f week20j
After this, we starting calling him Dirk ...

Dirk's room ... all ready to go ... Mommy is ready to go too! ;-)
dirkroom.jpg belly.jpg