Dirk's First Plane Ride

At 2 months, we took Dirk for his first plane ride ... this turned into a doooozy!

We flew on some standby tickets (courtesy of brother Kris) and had some difficulty getting out of Seattle. We ended up having brother Kurt fly us in his Cessna over to Pasco/Tri-Cities airport in Eastern Washington and taking an open Delta flight from there to Salt Lake City.

Dirk trying on his custom headset "Do I have to wear this Mom & Dad?"
dirk-wen1.jpg dirk-wen2.jpg
"Where are we going?" OK - lets light this candle!
dirk-f3.jpg dirk-f2.jpg
Dirk strapped in ... Burp Rags added for hearing protection
pre-wrap.jpg wrap.jpg
Dirk, Alek, & Kurt doing the pre-flight Dirk's view of Mt. Rainier from the back seat
plane.jpg rainier.jpg
Hanging out in SLC airport - 5 hour layover Dirk and (ahem! ;-) Wendy ...
slc.jpg hold-on.jpg