Canon G3 versus G5 on Outdoors Hulk Drop

Here are two shots taken at almost the exact time from a Canon G3 and G5. Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer, so I could be way off on some of my comments below, plus I don't have the best eye by any means for image stuff. Any corrections appreciated. BTW, as perhaps obvious from the pictures, The Hulk is NOT going to have a good landing on this launch attempt! ;-)

My mother was shooting the G3 and I was shooting the G5 - we were laying down on the grass (to get the best angle) - she was on the left and I was next to her on the right. We had a common aim spot which was horizonally the seam of the house to the right of the 2nd story large window and veritically the midpoint of that window to the right of the seam - there are cross-hairs on the optical viewfinder - unknown how truly accurate they are ... but I was 9 pixels left and 18 pixels high, whereas Mom was 24 pixels right and 95 pixels low. So while the pictures are slightly shifted, they appear to be the same "size" (ignoring 4 vs. 5 megapixels) ... although I did not rigourousely test this (since same lens, I would expect it to be). As implied by the picture, the G3 is slightly after the G5.

Both cameras were set to manual aperature/speed which was F8.0 and 1/160. EXIF data shows this and "actual" (?) speed of 1/159 for both. I'm 99% certain both were set to ISO 50, but I don't see that in the EXIF header. Both lens were in the fully zoomed out position, and "high speed motor drive" mode was engaged; i.e. this was part of a sequence with the shutter pressed a few frames earlier based on coordination with the Hulk throwers. As an aside, the higher frame-rate of the G3 was certainly noticeable in the sequences. There was no attempt to track the "Jumping Hulk" and in fact, we tried to keep the cameras still throughout the shot.

Unfortunately, the clouds were coming in, so we were losing the direct lighting from the Sun (which was behind us, slight to the right - shot was at 1:00PM and we are looking N-NE). So Hulk is more back-lit, and we lost the vivid greens.

As an aside, I probably should have switched to shutter priority (or done from the get-go) once the light started to go and done at least 1/250 for the shot to minimize blurring as the Hulk - 1/500 probably even better; although in the blur does add a motion affect to some of the pictures. Over-exposing a bit would have also been a good idea.

BOTH cameras have difficulty with Hulk's purple pants - they add a blue'ish tinge - you can see some better examples of this at the Main Hulk Page. In fact, another person who has the SAME inflatable Hulk sent me an Email after seeing that web page asking if mine was different since my Hulk had blue pants and his had purple!

Most noticeable to me is the house colors, which includes the "main" paint, siding, and roof tiles. The G3 did a fairly accurate representation of this, whereas the G5 added a red/pink cast. Note also the "purple fringing" from is from BOTH cameras on the deck chair cover - one nearest the door and on the edges - more pronounced on the G5 IMHO - you can actually see this on all of the deck chairs. BTW, the can on the deck table is hornet spray - my brothers found a hornet's nest on the roof so I had to chuck that up to them - colors appear fairly equal on that with the saturated yellows and reds. I'm confused by the reflection in the window just to the right of the hornet can that only shows up in the G5 shot - my guess is I was just enough offset from my mother for this to show up, since it doesn't exist in the G3 shot. Ditto for the one a few windows over, but I do see this in other G3 shots, so I assume it is just an Sun angle thing.

Moving to the bottom right, the blue of the trash can and red of the play structure are pretty good. If you look at the stucco vertical wall to the left of those, you'll see the red/pink cast of the G5. It also seems to be it might be a little noiser than the G3 - I compared similar spots at 400% and 500% magnification. It does appear the G5 is sharper along the vertical edge, although I would expect this with the greater number of pixels. Speaking of sharpness, look at the chimney vent in the top right; again, the G5 appears to do a better job with this.

Finally, the sky definately has a different hue to it - the G5 is just darker, and while I like the blue'er look, I don't think it is truly representitive. Note that Kurt (in the white T-shirt) also appears darker ... and he uses Tide to get his shirts white!

Based on what I see here, I almost have to give the G3 the nod as taking the better overall picture, but that's just my opinion.

Click here to grab the original G3 image.

Click here to grab the original G5 image.