Canon G3 versus G5 on Dirk-n-Kyle inside with flash

Here are two shots taken at almost the exact time from a Canon G3 and G5. Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer, so I could be way off on some of my comments below, plus I don't have the best eye by any means for image stuff. Any corrections appreciated.

This is far from a scientific shot - having two kids makes that difficult! In hindsight, it would have been better to shoot with them wearing different color shirts for some color variety, but oh well. Both cameras were placed on top of some books on top of a chair; the G5 was on the right, the G3 on the left. As can be seen, the G5 must have been slightly back, since my "camera stand" is slightly illuminated in that picture. I angled the cameras to shoot at about the same center point, but didn't try to hard - the G3 ended up being on the bottom right of the "E" on Kyle's shirt, the G5 is 162 pixels to the right and 12 pixels down.

Both cameras were set to auto and ended up showing F2.0 and 1/60th second with the flash. With the flash disabled, both cameras selected 1/10 shutter speed to correctly expose the shot. There was some light coming in through some curtains off-angle behind and to the right. Distance to Dirk-n-Kyle was about 4 feet, which is definately getting "close" in terms of indoors shooting and running the risk of flash overexposure - I was pleased it seemed to adaquately compensate for it. I used the timer features (2 seconds) on both cameras to minimize any camera shake, and pressed the buttons withen a 1/2 second or so of each other. In one set of pictures, there was some "overlap" of the flash, with the second shot coming out overexposed, but otherwise the exposures were fairly consistant, so I don't believe one flash firing affected the other. There was almost no red-eye in any of the shots, so again, I don't believe the "first camera flash" impacted things much for the second shot.

While neither picture is going to win any composition awards, I liked the G5 shot overall better. The skin tones were a bit nicer and the overall focus seemed sharper - 5 megapixels helps, but look at the cloth cover on the chair, vehicles on Dirk's pants, etc. Another item is the toys by the fireplace in the background - it almost seems like the depth of field was better on the G5 versus the G3 (?)

Note also the numbers on the toy garage on the lower right of the picture. There is a noticeable difference in the handling of the solid yellow of the toy to the left of the number 4 - I think the G5 saturated it a bit. Directly above the toy garage is a black metal opener - both cameras seemed to have difficulty with this area as pretty darn fuzzy - I'm guessing due to high contract of light coming in through window.

As mentioned earlier, the skin tones look better on the G5 to me; the G3 appears to have flash-overexposed it a bit ... although this may be more of the extra G5 saturation - you also see this a bit on the color of the fireplace in the background - I think the G3 is more representitive.

Finally, I believe the G5 has more noise - I blew up the G3 shot by 500% and the G5 by 400% ... look at the fireplace, and surrounding walls.

Click here to grab the original G3 image.

Click here to grab the original G5 image.