Canon 55-250 Minimum Focusing Distance

The Canon 55-250 EF-S lens has a minimum focusing distance of 3.6 feet ... and at full telephoto (400mm in 35mm format due to 1.6x focal length multiplier), that's some good magnification - 0.31x. With help from my Son Kyle, lets see how close that is!

25% crop of complete image from Canon 40D - hand-held 1/250s, F/5.6, ISO1600

canon 55-250 minimum focusing distance

100% pixels from the center - depth of field is about 0.1" - note flash reflection

canon 55-250 minimum focusing distance eyeball

Bee Stinger on Tupperware Lid

Bee stinger closeup

Bee stinger

Ambush Bug ambushes Painted Lady Butterfly - mouseover image to see close-up! ;-)

ambush bug painted lady butterfly

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