Personal Cruise Consultant & Shopper

Larry_with_Wild-Again.jpg My wife Wendy has the "travel bug" - she has been to all seven continents and works for a nature travel company. She must get it from her father Larry (see picture to left) who travels a ton and then decided to become a personal cruise consultant.

After being a successful architect, teacher, and author, Larry has been enjoying life in retirement, going on cruises with his wife Mary, family, and friends. Turns out everyone kept asking for his advice as a cruise consultant and so years ago, he decided to go into this business himself. He asked if his computer-geek son-in-law (me) would put up a page on my web site that describes what he does as a personal cruise consultant & shopper ... so here it is!

Lawrence Klausner, your Personal Cruise Consultant, is certified by both CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) and IATAN. As a former cruise director he knows the ships, staffs and certainly pricing. He has more than 35 years of experience in the industry and has cruised more than 265 times as passenger, lecturer, and cruise director.

What this means for you and for your group: you are assured of having the very best person in the cruising industry handling all your needs, from intimate dining to special accommodations, from tours out of the ordinary to that special cabin a travel agent simply doesn't know exists and cannot get. You receive the highest standards in professionalism, respectable and reliable service with the best possible pricing.

Excellence in cruising requires a committed hands-on service from booking to sailing by a professional who has done it thousands of times before. A personal cruise consultant uses cutting-edge technology and will diligently analyze his client's needs and wishes. He answers all your questions, offer suggestions and crafts price and accommodations that are luxurious, comfortable, and meets client's budgetary needs.

Lawrence will create a dream vacation at a price you absolutely cannot get elsewhere booking your cruise at absolutely (no higher cost to you) than a local travel agent or online agency will charge. There are no extras. Full insurance is provided (at cost) for every passenger as Lawrence is not an insurance broker, he is a personal cruise shopper - i.e. your very own travel agent.

He has sailed each and every ship not for free but by paying his way. That means he is not beholden to any line, group or agency. He inspects each ship from stem to stern, looks at food preparation and service as well as entertainment, excursions, crew attentiveness and cleanliness seeing for himself which are the best and which are the worst. He does the dirty work for you eliminating problem cabins and ships. That means no problems during your vacation.

His mission is to make his personal cruisers happy and to keep his groups coming back year after year. He limits his client list to select people/couples who want the very best in service from their cruise consultant and who cruise at least twice a year booking balconies and suites only. His list includes a whose-who of industry, law, and medicine, people who do not have the time to shop around and seek help planning.

Lawrence is a preferred select broker for all major cruise lines including all specialty lines and has received the highest ratings from them. They love to deal with him holding out their best cabins for his preferred client list. If you want he will find that special cruise, the one you'll remember for a lifetime, possibly to a place you've only dreamed of visiting. You'll love the experience of dealing with a Personal Cruise Shopper.

If you fit into this group, take family, friends and/or business associates along. if you are seeking an out of the ordinary experience and want to deal with the number one personal cruise consultant in the United States, please call Lawrence at 772-299-9720 or 888-763-6322 or send Email to

If you fit into the category of an executive who wants and needs a knowledgeable someone to lift the burdensome task of putting together your next individual, group, or corporate cruise you now have a place and knowledgeable person to contact by simply following this procedure:

  1. Call or Email: (772-299-9720/888-763-6322)
  2. Provide your name, names of those traveling with you, dates of birth for Homeland Security, phone and fax numbers, both Email and home addresses.
  3. Decide upon flights. He makes those arrangements too.
  4. Read your invoice.
  5. All Deposits and Final Payment are made by credit card for your protection. They are made directly to the cruise line, tour companies, airlines, and insurance companies for you.
  6. All tickets are sent directly to you at the address you provide at no additional cost.
All cruise products are cleared through Cruises and Tours Unlimited, Jacksonville, Florida