BoingBoing goes to Antarctica - D'OH! ;-)

Before leaving on a 19 day Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica Cruise, I printed the "BoingBoing" logo, since after all, I was going to a "wonderful" place. So when we landed at Brown Bluff, Antarctica, I placed it on the snow and snapped a few shots with the Adelie Penguins.

Adelie Penguins and BoingBoing in Antarctica - a Wonderful Thing! ;-)

boing-boing antarctica 1

boing-boing antarctica 1

boing-boing antarctica 1

Wide-angle shots of Adelie Penguins walking by BoingBoing sign in Antarctica

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adelie penguin antarctica brown bluff boing boing

A self-portrait of the photographer at Saint Andrews, South Georgia a few days earlier

fark antarctica a

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