Cute little Baby Bunny Rabbit ... and a Red Fox

While bunny rabbits periodically show up in our backyard, for the first time I saw a baby one - the pictures don't really convey how small (and cute!) it looked. Presumably the rabbit nest was very close ... probably under a nearby Blue Spruce tree.

Baby Bunny Rabbit in my backyard ~10' from the Blue Spruce - April 25th picture from kitchen

bunny rabbit

Closeup of the Bunny Rabbit - taken outside with 500/F4 lens - surprised he didn't scurry away

bunny rabbit closeup

This is actually the Bunny "parent" - also saw the baby briefly before it scurried under the Blue Spruce
Mouseover image to see him twitch his nose!

parent bunny rabbit

Closeup of bunny rabbit

parent bunny rabbit closeup
So I haven't seen the baby bunny for a few days ... and while heading outside to start the BBQ on May 11th, I heard a rather large noise and then noticed the branches on that Blue Spruce were moving ... as if a rather large animal went in there as I walked outside. I looked closer but didn't see anything ... but thought to myself that had to be a really large bunny or squirrel.

So an hour or so later, we have finished the burgers when Dirk says "Hey, there is a fox out there" - Dirk is a great wildlife spotter, but nobody sees it as he says it went back under the Blue Spruce. I go grab my camera and am looking out the upstairs window ... when I see the fox poke his head out from the Blue Spruce. I then go downstairs and say the wildlife sighting is confirmed ... and while we all watch, the Red Fox comes out from under the Blue Spruce, hangs out for a few seconds, and then goes bounding away. My guess is we probably won't see those bunny rabbits anymore ... :-(

Note matted down branches to the right of the Red Fox - this is where I saw the movement earlier

red fox

red fox closeup
So the very next morning I'm reading the paper while drinking coffee with my wife ... and out comes the Baby Bunny Rabbits.
So Mr. Fox didn't get 'em ... at least not yet. There was also a very tiny bunny, but he was gone by time I had my camera.

Young bunny rabbit by the 9" water sprinkler on May 12th - mouseover images to see other views

bunny rabbit sprinkler

parent bunny sprinkler closeup

Stop-action motion of Bunny Rabbit chewing on very immature peaches ... movies here and here.

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation.
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bunny rabbit sequence 1

I setup my camera (with remote release) on a tripod, but he didn't come by ... yet!

bunny rabbit camera tripod