Some misc. pictures of the UltiMullets (Fall/2002 GRU) in action on October 13th, 2002

Here are some misc. shots I took on Sunday, October 13th, 2002. I was fortunate to be able to borrow a Nikon 5700 to shoot these; this is a 5 mega-pixel 8X optical zoom (35-280mm effective) digicam, so it was kinda fun to play around a bit. Most of the action shots were at 1/250th of a second - I shoulda bumped this to 1/500 or 1/1000 to freeze frame it a bit more ... but some are still semi-decent. They are in no particular order.


Shooting from the sideline at 1X (35mm) Zoom in with 8X Optical (280mm) Cropping 5 mega-pixels (did we REALLY need this closeup of Steve's pits?!? ;-)

David & Sarah put Zone-D on Jim Same picture: 5 mega-pixels is fun! ;-) What type of beer does David like?

This throw from ((excellent) team captain) Disco actually went about 30 yards to the end-zone ...

... where Bill caught it between the crowd

Galen demonstrates the "eyes-closed" approach to catching (and her feet where off the ground too! ;-)

Jim Piccolini getting ready to throw a long one Jim was a worthy opponent who had great spirit

Steve comes flying after the disk (cameraman almost didn't catch him! ;-)

Sarah and Nancy defend downfield while Steve does the "Kung-Fu kick defense" (note disk in motion)

David threads the needle to Nancy for a score!

Mimi demonstrates "spiderwoman approach" to catching the disk

The Ulti-Mullets