Some misc. pictures of the UltiMullets (Fall/2002 GRU) in action on October 27th, 2002

Some more shots of the Ultimullets from Sunday, October 27th, 2002. I was fortunate to be able to borrow a Nikon 5700 to shoot these; this is a 5 mega-pixel 8X optical zoom (35-280mm effective) digicam, so it was kinda fun to play around a bit. It was a bit of a cloudy day, so shooting action shots with a long lens wasn't as good as it good be, some some of these are still semi-decent. They are in no particular order.


Team Captain Disco reaches out in front of the defended for the disk

Not sure who is more scary looking in the close-up! ;-)

Kevin gets ready to receive catch from Disco

Kevin goes deep down the sideline

Sarah comes up with the catch while her defender kicks herself for letting it by! ;-)

My best guess on this one is that Mimi is attempting to take off the opponent's heads when they aren't looking?!? ;-)

Mullets head downfield with the pull

Ultimullet Cup action in the Zone-Defense (alek cheats a little to cut off the swing)

Brian dives to make this catch ...

... while Disco does an excellent read (as typical) and goes up high for this catch

Steve looking sharp with his new haircut!

Steve does an Alley-Oop Soober Pass

A Ultimate player running a little late to their game?