Some misc. pictures of the UltiMullets at the Fall/2002 GRU Tournament

Some more shots of the Ultimullets from the Fall/202 GRU Tournament. We came in as the second seed, having only lost one game all season. Unfortunately, we didn't have our "game cleats" on ... and lost in the first round ... and then in the beer bracket! ;-) This team had some real good personal chemistry and it was a very enjoyable season ... so we had a good time even when losing. The pictures are in no particular order.


Team Captain Disco strikes an Ultimullet pose! ;-) The Disco Balls were a gift from the team

Steve also sporting the latest in Ultimullet Fashion! ;-) GRU Women check this dude out!

Kevin fires the disk downfield

Kevin again trying to hook up with (I think) Brian

Sarah goes up high for a catch

David also goes high for a catch

David gets it around the defender

Disco almost blocks this pass

Being interviewed for the Ultimullet TV-Network