GRU Frisbee on 2009/10/18 - Sequence Pictures

I recently got a Canon 7D and after using an el-cheapo 55-250 telephoto lens to shoot some frisbee pictures two week earlier,
I borrowed a 100-400 "L" lens from a friend to give the camera a real workout. It was mid-afternoon sunny skies, so light was semi-decent, and these are in-camera JPEG's rather than processed RAW files. Overall, I was pretty impressed and have uploaded some adjusted, leveled, and and cropped pictures from that day here.

There were several dozen other images as part of sequences that also showed some of the gnarly action. I don't have time to adjust/level/crop all of those, so what you see below is what I saw through the viewfinder ... some great hustling play out there! Note that the Canon 7D shoots at 8fps, so the stop-action animation is almost like a movie if you speed it up to that rate.

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation.
Play Step Into (pause at each frame) Pause     Decrease playback speed Increase playback speed     Frame Rate     ... loading images ...
boulder gru frisbee sequences