Halloween Alien & Frankenstein

While folks on the Internet were playing with the Halloween Webcam, I was pretty busy handing out candy (and making the Hulk Smash Sounds) as lots of kids came to see my to see my Halloween Decorations & Lights. So I was happy to see there were some good pictures thanx to the remote web surfers! Below we see some kids checking out the Alien & Frankenstein. There also was a good set of 'em playing by the Halloween Pumpkin. BTW, I checked the web server logs, the web surfer "operating" the webcam for these pictures was M094P019.dipool.highway.telekom.at at IP address ... from Austria! ;-)

Default webcam setting - note something "interesting" by the monsters

Alien Frankenstein

M094P019 zooms in with the Alien/Frankenstein closeup button

alien and frankenstein

Two kids checking out the Alien & Frankenstein

alien and frankenstein

Wait - there is three of 'em - note motion blur

alien and frankenstein