Halloween Webcam "Buttons"

I put a few "buttons" on the halloween webcam for those items I think may be of interest to surfers ... so they have one-click access to them. FredF asked why I had not put some examples of those up on the website, so I clicked on the buttons last night (had to "fight" some of the other web surfers who were battling for control), and here you go!

Clock in the Window (not as accurate as the image timestamps)

halloween webcam clock

Pink Flamingo's (inside joke from Planet Christmas) - note person walking by

halloween webcam flamingos

Hulk - don't get him angry!

halloween webcam hulk

Presidential Candidates - support the Green Party!

halloween webcam pres

Lighted Pumpkin by Driveway

halloween webcam pumpkin

Spider above garage

halloween webcam spider