Driving into my Garage - Whooppeee!

Here's the obligatory sequence of me driving up into my garage. It was almost exactly 24 hours after I was Slashdott'ed so there were a lotta surfers using the webcam ... so it gets kinda crazy as everyone is "battling" for control of the webcam and lights. This isn't all of the pictures taken during this time interval, but I pulled out a few I thought were "good" ;-)

I'm using the nifty JpegAnim applet from Boutell.Com to generate an animated JPEG ... so for those on slow speed connections, hang-on while it slurps down the 360 KBytes from the 16 images. The loop will cycle 20 times and I set the pause time for each image at one second (last one is 5 seconds), which is in the ballpark for a good part of the show, although the last image is 5 minutes difference because I was curious to see/show when the garage door opener light went out - it was almost right on.

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