Ghost Kid

Here's an cute sequence from Monday night that I pulled a few frames from. Looks like one of the neighborhood kids decided to play around in the lawn ghost ... and even pick up an eyeball ... was glad to see that they didn't walk off with it! ;-)

19:28:56 - with zone 2 off (someone voted against Hulk ... don't make him angry! ;-)

ghost kid 0

19:31:32 - somebody is there ... and fortunately, someone else has voted FOR Hulk! ;-)

ghost kid 1

19:31:58 - web surfer zooms in for a closer look and catches some motion blur

ghost kid 2

19:32:12 - HEY, put down my eyeball!

ghost kid 3

19:32:16 - but don't drop it, gently please ...

ghost kid 4

19:32:18 - web surfer zooms back out as a car drives by

ghost kid 5