Rodent eats the "BOO" power cord (?)

So I'm doing my daily check of the lights, and I notice the last "O" in the BOO is not working. For those experienced in holiday lighting, the "standard fix" is simply to "jiggle" the lights - believe me, it works the vast majority of time, and when you have bazillions of lights, you are thankful for that. Didn't work this time, so when I looked closer, I realized that the power cord had been cut ... or actually chewed through!

There were 2,317 images shot by the webcam on 2004_10_24 between 1900-2400; but it's actually pretty easy to zip through 'em for something like this. You basically do a "binary" search as you start in the middle, then move to the middle in the appropriate direction, and so on ... what makes it slightly harder is I doubt anyone was aware this was going on, so the webcam is moving all over the place and I doubt anyone was aware this was going on, so

However, I was able to find a set of shots that pretty conclusively show whatever was chewing on it did it shortly after 2300 hours ... and in fact, was lucky they weren't zapped since it looks like they shorted it, the lights came back on, and then went out for good.

I looked around the "scene of the crime" ... but found no evidence, so I assume it was just a squirrel or some other vermin ... good thing they weren't around, because I've got a whole buncha pages about hunting vermin and messing with my holiday lights is NOT a good thing to do for pesky varmits to be doing!

I could have easily patched this, but since I buy stuff at 70-90% off at the after-holiday sales, I just grabbed another set and we're good to go. Thought about putting a trap out, but there is only a week to do, so I won't try to chase down this vermin ... unless he comes back!

The evidence - looks like a pesky varmit did this ...

teeth marks

23:11:34 - wide-angle shot showing last "O" is lit

halloween webcam 1

23:13:01 - good closeup - note well-formed right side of O

halloween webcam 2

23:15:23 - last "O" is OUT!

halloween webcam 3

23:16:14 - "O" is back on - look closely on the right edge again - there's some darkness there

halloween webcam 4

23:17:02 - "O" is out again ... and for the rest of the night

halloween webcam 5

23:17:57 - Another closeup ... too bad the varmit didn't walk in front the Flaimngo's

halloween webcam 6