Free dedicated solo access to Alek's Halloween Webcam

Tired of fighting all those other darn surfers who keep moving the webcam and turning the lights on/off on 'ya? Well here's your chance to get a couple of minutes of dedicated Halloween Webcam access - I can "lock it out" to a single IP address - yours!

I was driving to work a few days ago, and I heard on the radio one of those "Salutes Real Men of Genius" commercials for "Mr. Halloween Decorations Man" - needless to say, it struck a chord with me! ;-)

I've Google'd to the end of the Internet, but can't seem to find this. So if anyone out there can find a web site with it will Email me the URL, I'll be happy to lockout the Halloween Webcam for your dedicated use for a couple of minutes - swing it left, swing it right, zoom it in, zoom it out, and turn all the lights on and off - whooopeeee!!! And perhaps more importantly, you'll benefit all your fellow surfers who really DO need to hear this important commercial message! ;-)

In case you haven't heard one, lets have a round of applause for Mr. Restrooom Toi1et Paper Refi11er