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Halloween 2004 Webcam stats

Here is the data as recorded from the halloween webcam itself - the webcam was (generally) operational from 1800-2400 for 33 days, from October 1st to Election Day on November 2nd. Note that these are the commands logged/sent by the perl program daemon ... in the analog real-world, things fail sometimes and it's hard to "know" if that occurred:
    232,608  Total halloween webcam accesses (darn good correlation with raw Apache log data
     48,023  Most webcam accesses in a single day - October 17th - got Slashdotted!
     10,792  Most webcam accesses in a single hour - 2200-2300 on October 17th 
	204  Most webcam accesses in a single minute - 2209 on October 17th
	 10  Most webcam accesses in a single SECOND - 23:00:09 on October 17th 
     18,925  Number of time webcam was accessed within the 1 second throttle by more than one web surfer
    119,513  Different/Unique IP addresses that accessed the webcam (14,812 were unresolveable)
	815  Non-proxy hostname that used the webcam the most - c-67-174-116-184.client.comcast.net - this was the "Kerry-Bot"
        250  Non-proxy hostname that used the webcam the 2nd most - 82-34-24-127.cable.ubr04.basi.blueyonder.co.uk  
         31  Number of IP's (including proxies) that used the webcam more than 100 times 

	124  Different countries that accessed webcam - based on very cool geolocation stuff
    184,252  Total hits from United States
     12,194  2nd most popular country - Canada
      5,446  3rd most popular country - Australia

     23,090  Total "ACTION" requests to turn some/all lights ON/OFF
      1,408  Turn ALL lights OFF 
      1,268  Turn ALL lights ON
	     Hulk for President contest - votes cast by toggling a zone - can do more than one at a time
     15,238  Hulk 
     14,710  Bush 
     14,380  Kerry - despite efforts of "Kerry-Bot"

     36,234  Total "ACTION" requests to pan/zoom webcam
      1,079  Pan Right
      1,038  Pan Left
	811  Reset pan/zoom to defaults

      2,357  Move webcam to one of the "targets"
	668  Most popular target - PRES!
	552  2nd most popular target - HULK
	327  3rd most popular target - Clock

      7,152  Update the Webcam ONLY
     62,520  Different/unique images served up by the halloween webcam (some images are cached/re-used)
      3,508  Different/unique images from 21:50:47 to 22:59:59 on October 17th - the /. crowd almost hits the theoretical maximum of one per second ...