Komarnitsky Hawaii 2016

hawaii f1

hawaii f2

Family picture setup - gotta love the quad-stack tripod - sheets were spread out as light reflectors

hawaii a1

Major water balloon battle earlier on in the backyard

We had an "E-Ticket Ride" on the Snorkel Boat - WaterJetMan and C-17's doing touch-n-go's!

hawaii a2

hawaii a3

hawaii b0

Long-Boarding as the C-17's roared overhead

hawaii a4

hawaii a6

hawaii a5

hawaii a8

Videos of Sophia and Kyle long-boarding as the C-17 flys over

Kyle goofing around while anchored on the sandbar

hawaii a9

Animated GIF of WaterJetMan - apparently he competes at the National Level - some crazy moves!

hawaii b2

hawaii b3

Kurt watching WaterJetMan

hawaii b4

Speaking of Kurt, he turned 50 ... so was the centerpiece of the SuperBowl Pool

hawaii b5

Mom's "approves" the random selections - ended up being a Fall City domination as they won $80!

hawaii b6

Golf is always a treat in Hawaii - teeing off on the #13 Ocean Hole at Kanehoe

hawaii b7

Kyle taking a swing at the "Dirk" ball ... which he subsequently plunked in the ocean

hawaii b8

Before/After picture of the Marine Haircut - better pics from 2011 with Sergeant Kurt and Private Kyle!

hawaii b9

hawaii c0

We probably consumed over a 100 drumsticks during the week!!!

hawaii c1

Kyle and Kurt going for the full-on breakfast after golf

hawaii c2

Kurt was the Baconator!!!

hawaii c3

Alek was the Nacho-Man ... these were always devoured within minutes

hawaii c4

hawaii c5

Heading out for the "permit hike" on the Poamoho Trail - we had it all to ourselves

hawaii c6

It was a tight squeeze in the rental car ... with Kris "BRRAAAPPPP'ing" it up the dirt road

hawaii c7

Kris on top in the fog wolfing down all the food we bought

hawaii c8

Kurt took a group out to go Shark Fishing ... really!

hawaii c9

You catch these "bait fish" and then use 'em to try to hook a Shark

hawaii d0

While they did catch one shark, they would have caught more if they had used Kyle for bait! ;-)

hawaii d1

Colorful Hawaiian outfits

hawaii d2

Sunrise at Kailua Beach is always a treat - just about everyone saw it all mornings

hawaii d3

hawaii d4

Some turtle pictures from our snorkel outing

hawaii d5

hawaii d6

hawaii d7

Taking off from Honolulu after a GREAT trip - note C-17 next to depart

hawaii d8

Landing in Denver at sunrise - note plane coming into parallel runway

hawaii d9

Alek two years later as "Little Buddy Gilligan" getting ready for Hawaii/2018


gilligan full length
The borrowed outfit is a bit big on me (especially the pants) so I look like an older, chunkier Bob Denver! ;-)