Guess when Kyle (Dirk's brother) will be born and how much he'll weigh

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Alek has a little betting pool going on when Kyle (Dirk's brother) will enter the world. If you are interested in participating, pls send me $5 (sorry, you can't do that electronically!) and your guess as to the birthdate, birthtime, and weight.

You can win one of three ways:
  1. The person closest to the correct birthdate AND time will get 75% of the pot.
  2. The person closest to the birth weight will get 25% of the pot.
  3. Be the TENTH person to respond to the Email announcement that Kyle has been born and you will get $10.
Note that it does not matter if you are "over" or "under" on the closest; it is just the difference. And I picked "TENTH" so that those people who don't sit at a keyboard all the time (like me! ;-) have a chance. You MUST have submitted an entry to be elgible for this - so if #10 isn't in the pool, it will be the next person IN the pool who responds after that.

Some information that may help you in your guesses:
  - Dirk was a few weeks early and weighed 4 pounds, 14 ounces.
        But Dirk "stalled out" the last several weeks.
  - Dirk was born at 8:25PM on Thursday, May 25th, 1998.
  - Wendy's "official" due date is March 7th.
  - Wendy's due date (according to Wendy) is before that! ;-)
This pregnancy has been fairly boring (except when Wendy flunked two diabetes tests, but passed the third). She is measuring slightly small for week 36, and her weight gain has been a little less than "normal" Sonogram data has been normal in terms of size/etc. Kyle has been kicking up a storm - sometimes looks like an alien in Wendy's tummy!

Anyone interested in participating should have their selections in by Monday, February 19th and insure that their checks are in the mail. I will post the guesses after the contest closes (i.e. there will be no "peeking" at other people's guesses). Note that the contest will close early if Wendy goes into premature labor.

Winners to be announced on ... well, I guess we'll just have to find out when that will be! ;-)

Alek Komarnitsky
2510 Blue Heron Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026

P.S. We have 21 Predictions for a total POT of $105 - good luck! ;-)