Misc. UltraSounds of Kyle

Here are some pictures of Kyle BEFORE he was born ... through the wonders of modern medicine - aka Ultrasound.

These have to be some of the fuzziest pictures I've shot. First, the Ultrasound itself it kinda fuzzy ... but making the shot more difficult is a flash will reflect off the screen ... so I'm shooting at about a 1/4 second exposure while typically leaned over Wendy - not the easiest shoot in the world! ;-)

The week 20 shots were a "Level 2" UltraSound and it's a darn shame these are so fuzzy ... because this advanced gear really provided pretty cool pictures ... especially the backbone shot. Incidentally, the OB specialist Doctor who we saw that day had recently delivered quadruplets which had made the news - we saw the Mom in the waiting room - she looked pretty darn good for someone who just had 4 babies!

Kyle (aka Comma) at 8 weeks YEP, about the size of a Comma!

20 weeks - Looks like a BOY!!

20 weeks - Kyle's Backbone (very reptilian)

20 weeks - Just hanging out inside of Mommy

20 weeks - False Color shows blood movement

30 weeks - top of the head (I think! ;-)

30 weeks - Smiling at us (?!? ;-)