NOTE: This is an example screenshot only ... at one site, over 50 Sun Enterprise Servers are monitored, so there would be a LOT more hosts ... and corresponding clickable links. Note that I have shown example links/screenshots for BL2-EXAMPLE12
Temperature Data from Various Hosts
Updated every 10 minutes - last one at Mon Mar 27 14:10:02 MST 2000
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gettemp-1.5 (03/09/00)
Click on link (if it exists) under Machine to see who gets notified on overtemps by Swatch
Click on Status (typically cool) to see historical data

Machine             Status   Temperature Readings - °Fahrenheit (convert to Celsius)
-------             ------   -------------------------------------------------------
BL11E-310_HOST       cool    AMBIENT  68    CPU-3 118   
BL2_EXAMPLE12        WARM    AMBIENT  82    CPU-3 136    
BL3592_HOST12        cool    AMBIENT  66    CPU-3 109    
BL3592_HOST13        cool    AMBIENT  59    CPU-3 109    
BL3592_HOST1234      cool    AMBIENT  59    CPU-3 109   
Zexample_of_hot      HOT!    AMBIENT  90    CPU-1 127    CPU-2 144    CPU-3 143  

WARM: AMBIENT > 77 or CPU > 140 °Celsius ... or "not OK" as reported by some systems

HOT!: AMBIENT > 86 or CPU > 149 °Celsius ... or "not OK" as reported by some systems
Note: Reported AMBIENT Temperatures appears to be a few degrees less than actual