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yadu is Yet Another Disk Usage program and is a simple/quick-n-dirty tool
to parse directory(s) and determine how many files and bytes are being used
sliced-n-diced various ways. This turns out to be kinda useful - some questions
that yadu can be used to easily/quickly answer are:
   - Are there any files out there owned by users that no longer exist?
   - Which files are really BIG and account for most of the disk usage?
   - Which files have not been access/modified in a LONG time?
   - What percentage of the disk space is .mp3's, .ppt's, etc.?
   - Are there any setUID files out there?
   - I need some data for generic disk management reporting.
        yadu generates output that is easily importable.

yadu uses the lstat command to generate sorted output in categories such as: atime - last time file accessed ctime - last time inode changed mtime - last time file modified size - Breakdown by size groupings user - uid/owner of files group - gid/group of files Extension (i.e. how many bytes/files by .doc, .tar, etc.) List SetUID Files (might as well do this security check) List SetGID Files (ditto) And more! ;-)

You CAN do all of this using "find/ls/etc." ... yadu just makes it easier, especially for large number of files. And as alluded to above, it also runs on Windoze (with some limitations), so it can be useful there as well.

BTW, there are a LOT of options/way to use yadu If you get serious about filesystem scanning, Trust me that you will end up using 'em! ;-)

This talk will show some examples of how yadu can be used. It will be a fairly technical discussions geared toward Sysadmins and you should have some prior knowledge of filesystem concepts.