6 - YADU, May/2001 - Alek Komarnitsky [<Prev][TOC][Next>]

            Future thoughts on using yadu
  • Quite valuable IMHO - should be continued/procedurel'ized
  • Could help in termination process - but requires extra work - do you want to do?
  • Have to balance clean-up efforts with "just buy more disk"
        It's a data integrity question too!
  • Does management support effort?
        One user has hundreds of GBytes - they should pay for that!
  • yadu is generic tool - keep it that way!
        Utility/post-processor programs can use yadu output
  • yadu could be used NT Servers (Perl code is portable)
  • Users may find it useful to pin-point stuff
        They would ... but probably wouldn't use! ;-)