5 - YADU, May/2001 - Alek Komarnitsky [<Prev][TOC][Next>]

            Stuff learned from Yadu
  • LOTS of files have not been accessed in a year
  • LOTS LOTS of files have not been modified in a year
  • Mail Files taken up a LOT of space
  • Millions of Netscape and IE cache files stored on servers
        Address by fixing application to use /tmp (and then wipe 'em out)
  • Possible duplicate data
  • Lotsa "remove", "delete", "archive" stuff out there
        Have to be careful ... but STUFF_delete_after_Y2K *CAN* go!

  • Users who are terminated may have files on other locations/servers
        Labor intensive to address ... but defers problems
  • Lotsa of files owned by users who don't exist in password file
        Sometimes difficult to find out who they really were! ;-)
  • We may have missed removing some users/files of folks who have left.
  • LOTS of files in homedirs owned by root (usually not hard to fix)

  • Variety of suspect files (ex: MP3) around
  • Variety of files > 100 MBytes and not accessed in 3 months
  • Folks with multiple mailboxes
  • Various other slicing-n-dicing
        Email users - personal touch is labor intensive, but works!
            Generic "you've got too much space" does not ...

  • Go after top-20 users who use disproportionate share of disk space

  • You learn stuff by doing/looking at the output
        No Pain, No Gain!