2 - YADU, May/2001 - Alek Komarnitsky [<Prev][TOC][Next>]

            "Manual" ways of getting file information
  • find/ls/du/File Manager/etc.
        ls *.mp3 (find . -name '*.mp3' -print is recursive)
        find . -atime +365 -print (files not accessed in a year)
        du /home/USER (how much space used in /home/USER)
            But what about files owned by USER not in /home/USER?!?
        find . -user USER -print
  • Windoze has dir, File Manager, etc.
        Point-n-click examples left up to Bill Gates

  • yadu is Perl code on steroids to do the find/ls/grep/awk/uniq/etc.
        yadu just makes it easier, especially for large number of files
        Basically just does a "find . -stat FILE" and sort EVERYTHING!