High Peaks 3rd Grade Recorder Concert - January 26th, 2010

Kyle was very serious about the 3rd grade recorder concert - even practicing the morning before he went to school. And if you think they just look good, be sure to watch the video of them in action since it is just "sweet music" as any parent will attest - hear the audience comment "that was amazing!"

Mrs. Weatherley and Mrs. Riter's 3rd grade class gets ready to play

High Peaks Recorder Concert 1

High Peaks Recorder Concert 2

Kyle is very serious about his music! ;-)

High Peaks Recorder Concert 3

High Peaks Recorder Concert 4

High Peaks Recorder Concert 6
Photography Notes: Pictures & video taken with a Canon 7D DSLR and 55-250mm lens. The videos are compressed and resized 50% from the original Hi-Def ... good thing, since the first video is over a GByte in size which reduced down to 40 MBytes.

Some funny comments from my family about the pictures/video:
Brother Myke: reminds me of abu graib for some reason. AWESOME JOB KYLE!
Brother Kurt: Nice job Kyle. I was terrible at music. I would just hum the music instead of playing and would be drowned out by everybody else. The one day I had to do a solo in front of the class I sipped some baby shampoo and threw up so Mom thought I was sick and I got to stay home from school.
My Mom: Well, if Kurt is going to tell his "music" story -- my 4th grade teacher had us sign in the front of the class -- I was so embarrassed to do it that I always got into trouble and sent out of the room before it was my turn.

The Grand Finale Recorder Concert was in May - Kyle was awesome again!