Mrs. Butterfield High Peaks Kindergarten December 18th, 2006 Play

Hope you (and others) didn't mind the click-click-click picture taking at the Kindergarten Play this morning. Out of the couple of hundred pictures I shot, here's two that might be decent enough for you to forward to the parents - just send around this URL - - if you think it's of interest to 'em. I've provided links to the full-resolution images in case anyone wants to print 'em - as noted below, they should look pretty decent in print.
Merry Christmas,
Alek (aka Kyle's Dad and/or Wendy's Husband ... ;-)

P.S. One challenge in the group picture was that there were three kids (I won't say who! ;-) who were fidgeting almost the entire time, so there were actually only a few shots where all faces could be seen. Also, they were looking down low at the people in the front row, whereas I was shooting from up high. I didn't want to interupt things, but if you want to next time, doing a quick "hey, look up here at the camera" would address both of those issues and provide higher probability of getting a good shot.

PPS. For the photo-hounds out there, pictures were shot with a Canon Rebel XTi DSLR with 17-85mm IS lens. I opted to go w/o flash (didn't want to strobe the kids) and therefore had to bump the ISO to 1600 (exposure was F5.6 at 1/50 second) ... so they are a bit grainy at full-res; but should still print quite well at least up to 8x10.

3,888x2,592 original and 3,364x2,380 cropped/white-balanced (later suggested for printing)

beth play 1

Kindergarten Animals beforehand - 2,640x1,944 cropped original

before play 1

And for grins, I saw a coyote as I drove home on Valmont
This was a quick shot from the car window before he bounded off


Merry Christmas from Kyle's Family