Summit Gym Opening - January 19th, 2010

Here's some pictures of the Summit Middle School Gym Opening and a scouting visit two weeks earlier.

View of the Gym in the morning light as students walk up the hill

summit gym 1

Various dignitaries start to gather for the Grand Opening

summit gym a4

Almost 180° panoramic three-frame stitch of the Gym ... with two Ali Gidfar's! ;-)

summit gym a3

summit gym a4

Quintessential picture of Principal David Finell checking his notes before speaking

summit gym b4

Mr. Finell is always well prepared & organized - mouseover image to see him go back to work

summit a5

The Summit Band provided some great music led by Mr. Tim Baldwin

summit gym a8

summit gym b3

summit gym a7

Mouseover image to see Mr. Baldwin in action!

summit a5

Closeup of Mr. Baldwin and some Big Brass! ;-)

summit gym a0

summit gym b2

Dean of Students Valerie Koch making final checks as people enter the gym

summit gym b5

Mr. Finell directs traffic - dude is always working to insure events are a success

summit gym b6

summit gym b7

Mr. Finell's prepared notes just before he steps to the stage

summit gym b8

summit gym b9

summit gym c2

summit gym c1

summit gym c0

Summit founder Barb Kostanick says a few words

summit gym c3

Needless to say, "Coach" Harris Trevor is exited to see the new Gym opening!

summit gym c4

The students "selected" Ms. Haydee Ayi-Bonte to help out with the entertainment ;-)

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summit gym sequence

summit gym c6

They were pretty impressive performers and Summit students enjoyed the show

summit gym a2

summit gym c7

Mouseover image to see Ms. Ayi-Bonte in action! ;-)

summit a5

The unicyclist almost ran over the camera man!

summit gym c0

Mouseover image to see the jugglers in action! ;-)

summit a5

Students also spoke at the Gym Opening

summit gym d3

And were joined by a Summit Husky!

summit gym d4

summit gym d5

summit gym d6

These two energetic ladies led the crowd in the Summit Cheer

summit gym d7

summit gym d8

Followed by these two well-dressed Summit dudes who were hilarious!

summit gym d9

summit gym d0

The crowd really enjoyed the show

summit gym e1

Time for the Ribbon Cutting!

summit gym e2

summit gym e3

summit gym e4

Mr. Joe Glynn (aka RockyMountain Joe) snapped this sweeeet shot of the ribbon cutting from the side

summit gym open

Coach says a few words

summit gym e6

summit gym e5

Pictures of Rocky Mountain Joe taking pictures! ;-)

summit gym e8

summit gym e7

Mr. Finell says some final words before dismissing the students

summit gym e0

summit gym e9

Summit students head back to class

summit gym f3

As Mr. Baldwin's band plays some final numbers

summit gym f6

summit gym f4

summit gym f5

Having some "Husky" fun on the way out the door

summit gym f1

summit gym f2

Apache was another (quite popular) Husky who came that day

summit gym f7

summit gym f8

summit gym f9

Baseline Reservoir on the morning drive to Summit Middle School which is below the Flatirons

summit gym a1

"Normal" view of the gym - actual opening day on January 5th, 2010

summit gym 2

Coach with the 1st period class on the first day of the gym

summit gym 3

First basketballs are bounced on the new Gym

summit gym 4

My "assistant" photographer that morning - 8 year old Kyle! ;-)

summit gym 5

Kyle snapped this picture of Summit Principal David Finnel with dorky photographer Alek

summit gym 6
Photography Notes: A total of 331 pictures were taken with a Canon 7D & 50D with 10-22 & 17-55/2.8 lens attached.
The gym has very good light due to lots of windows and manual exposure was used (EXIF in images), but somewhat challenging is the different color temps between daylight and the overhead lights. I must have accidentally bumped the aperture setting on the 50D, so the 10-22 pictures don't have as much depth-of-field as I wanted. But I was pretty happy with the 17-55 performance as fast glass (F/2.8) is good, so was able to get 1/60s@ISO400 and 1/125@ISO800 ... plus I used some fill flash. So while still some motion blur in a few pics, it's nice to have low noise & clean images ... hi-res originals look darn good.

It was a fun event and hope you enjoyed the pictures courtesy of Alek Komarnitsky at

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