April 7th, 2010 - Summit 6th Grade Fun!

As the parent of a Summit 6th grader, I offered to take some pictures during the community day on April 7th, 2010.
Sorry about the picture overload, but it was so much fun for everyone with lots of smiles - great day!

I arrived just as the BBQ was finishing up

summit 02

Some oh-so-serious grillmasters - thanks for volunteering!

summit 08

summit 09

It was a typical Colorado day - cloudy & cool, then warm & sunny, and then cloudy & cool again!

summit 05

summit 06

summit 07

Summit kids playing basketball while waiting for ice cream

summit 00

summit 01

summit 03

summit 04

Parent volunteers start scooping ice cream

summit 10

summit 11

summit 14

Needless to say, this quickly drew quite the crowd!

summit 12

summit 13

Roll Call and organizing for the afternoon activities

summit 15

Two groups of students head out for an afternoon hike/activity

summit 16

summit 17

summit 18

summit 20

summit 21

Quick stop to tie one loose shoe ... and then the other! ;-)

summit 09

summit 22

summit 23

After a short hike, a group circle to discuss the team-building activity

summit 24

One person will be blindfolded and the other will have to lead them

summit 25

Here's the second group of Summit students doing the same thing

summit 26

summit 27

summit 28

summit 39

summit 30

Back to our group - students were great - both the leaders and leadee's

summit 31

summit 32

summit 33

summit 34

OK - now everyone swap blindfolds and switch roles

summit 35

summit 36

summit 37

summit 39

Fresh Snow on the Flatirons and hiking in short sleeves - gotta like Colorado weather!

summit 38

We return back to Summit where these four are having a fantastic time

summit 40

Back into the classroom to re-group, take roll call, and go to next activity

summit 41

Mr. Seibel explains the next activity - easier to show with pictures

summit 42

summit 43

Other students are blindfolded inside and led out to the basketball court

summit 44

summit 45

summit 46

There are enough students for two independent activities at the same time

summit 47

The blindfolded students are directed by their classmates

summit 48

The goal is to stretch the bungees over the bucket and then move it

summit 64

summit 65

But you have to keep it level so the "furry thing" on top doesn't fall off! ;-)

summit 55

Last minute adjustment/fix by Mr. Seibel

summit 49

Remember, the "rope pullers" are blindfolded - it was not easy - skepticism is justified! ;-)

summit 50

Took a while ... and a number of false starts, but one group finally did succeed

summit 54

summit 51

summit 52

summit 60

summit 56

summit 58

summit 59

summit 57

This group did complete the difficult task

summit 63

The other group decided to hold the ropes in close

summit 61

This didn't work as well as it was more unstable

summit 53

But they had more styling blindfolds - good Summit colors!

summit 62

The final activity was cutting up some plastic cups to benefit charity

summit 66

summit 73

summit 67

summit 68

summit 69

summit 70

summit 72

summit 71

summit 74

summit 75

summit 76

summit 77

"Shooting Baskets" with the cups that were finished

summit 78

This three-point (half court?) attempt didn't quite go in! ;-)

summit 79

summit 80

summit 81

Turns out the cups made pretty good flying saucers!

summit 82

Summit kids pose after finishing the project

summit 83

summit 84

summit 85

summit 86

As I left the school, a group of 7th graders insisted (!) I take their picture ;-)

summit 88

summit 87
Photography Notes: Almost 500 pictures were taken with a Canon 7D & 50D with 17-55/F2.8 and 70-200/F4 lens attached. As implied, the outdoor weather was quite variable as it oscillated between sunny and cloudy - even a few snowflakes at one time - so a bit challenging with the exposures at times. Plus I really don't like blown-out white skies (ditto completely black shadows with no detail), so some of these pictures are perhaps a bit over-processed. For the indoor shots, additional off-camera flashes would have helped, but I didn't want to make a production, so just bounced from the camera mounted 580EXII.

It was a fun event and hope you enjoyed the pictures courtesy of Alek Komarnitsky at www.komar.org
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