A "brown" day of skiing - fortunately, I had the Wall Street Journal

[An Email I sent to my family on May 5th, 2006 - Flaming Liberals should especially enjoy the creative use of the WSJ ...]

So with the sunny warm weather we have been having, the Eldora ski slopes were looking a bit brown - tons of stuff showing through ... plus the parking lot is no longer a muddy lake ... it's a just a dry dust bowl.

But kids had a great time skiing today ... and after they concluded their lesson at 2:30, I said "lets go up the BIG chair"

So we headed up ... and after we were about 5% of the way down, 5-year old Kyle (in some pain) informed me he had to go POOP. It became fairly clear that he REALLY had to go, so we skied over to some trees and prepared to ... uhhhh ... do it.

But then he said he had to go PEE ... and after he was done with that, said he felt better. I emphasized there were was now more room for the poopy, so he should be OK now.

About minute later in the middle of the slope, Kyle stops and gives that anguished look again - "I need to go poop" I tell him it will go away and we'll be at the bottom of the slopes in a few minutes ... but then he says "I WENT poop ... and how I feel better"

So there we are, thousand+ vertical feet up a ski slope and Kyle has pooped his pants. But he's raring to go skiing now, and we finish the run - he falls down a few times, so use your imagination on what that does. Kyle says he wants to do another run ... but I don't think I want him SITTING on the ski lift and so decide it's time to go home.

It wasn't possible to do a complete clean-up at the ski slope bathroom ... and even with underwear and ski underwear on, there's a potential for some ... uhhhhh ... brown-thru!

Fortunately, I had some Wall Street Journals with me, so I put a few on Kyle's car seat and had him sit on those for the drive home ... and yes, the Wall Street Journals had a slight tinge of brown when we arrived home. Gotta be a left-wing pun in there somewhere ... but here's a computer graphic that may apply.
windows poop

Needless to say, the evening bath was a bit early too. All part of being a parent on a "brown" day of skiing! ;-)

P.S. So every Sunday I bring my camera up ... except today. And wouldn't you know it that Flight for Life shows up; rumor is the person taken down was OK. Real bummer since a stunning day and woulda made some nice pictures.

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