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Alek & Wendy Grand Canyon Wedding Marriage

Grand Canyon Wedding We arrived at for our Grand Canyon wedding on Sunday afternoon, October 5th, 1997, and checked in to the Buckey Suite ... the "best" room at the Canyon. The Buckey Suite was built in 1898 and is the oldest structure on the rim of the Canyon. Here is the view 15 feet from our room.
point When we arrived, everything was very crowded, and we were disappointed because it did not appear we would find a special place where we could be alone to exchange vows for our marriage. However, after explaining our situation to the hotel staff, they mentioned a remote location called Shoshoni Point that has a 330 degree view, but is only accessible via a long, difficult, private trail. As soon as we heard that, we knew we had found our special place for our Grand Canyon wedding. This picture was shot by the only other people there who departed shortly thereafter.
sunset We started to exchange our wedding vows as the sun set and as the temperature plunged while we overlooked the Grand Canyon.
reading Two months earlier, Alek had come across a very cute and romantic story from an airline flight magazine and cut it out with the intention of sharing it with Wendy on our wedding day. Now was the time! ;-) Note: The author has asked me to remove it from the web site, so it is no longer viewable here - sorry.
champduo Here we are, as husband & wife, celebrating our wedding and new marriage.
fire We returned back to our cabin and a cozy fire ...

We hope you enjoyed the saga and if you want to read more about the various events over the years since, check out our main home page.

P.S. After all that work to elope, our friends insisted on having a Wedding Reception upon our return.