Kiwi Martini Cocktail - TASTY!

So my wife bought some Kiwi Fruit a while ago that were starting to get a bit soft. And we were having friends over for dinner ... so with help from Master Bartender Dave, we made the following Kiwi Martini Cocktail Recipe:
Muddle one Kiwi with a teaspoon of simple sugar syrup in a Martini Shaker. Add three ounces Vodka, squeeze half a lime, and lots of ice. Shake well and pour (including Kiwi seeds that add flavor/texture) into optionally sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a slice of Kiwi for visual effect and have the wife's smile for the camera! ;-)
Be sure to scroll down for the Black & White (and Ki-Lime Green) picture at the bottom.
kiwi martini girls

Dave is the Master Martini Mixer

martini bartender

You can never have enough Vodka!

vodka for martini

Scoop out the Kiwi

kiwi scoop

Muddling the Kiwi in the Martini Shaker

muddle kiwi 1

Donna (in Martini attire) really muddles!

muddle kiwi 3

Properly Muddl'ed Kiwi's!

muddle kiwi 4

It's called a Cocktail Shaker for a reason!

kiwi cocktail shaker

We strained the Kiwi on our first batch of martinis

kiwi strain 1

The strainer captures quite a few Kiwi seeds

kiwi strain 2

Garnish Martini Glass with a Kiwi

add kiwi

And it ready to be served - sugar rim optional

martini closeup

Dave says not quite right - leave the Kiwi Seeds in!

now quite right

Kiwi Cocktail is now perfect!

kiwi cocktail toast

Distract the kids with TV while you ...


... enjoy a Kiwi-Lime (Ki-Lime!) Pie for dessert

ki-lime pie

The aftermath of making Kiwi Martini Cocktails

kiwi martinis done

Yea, we made/drank just a few of 'em ... ;-)

kiwi cocktails done

Dave and Donna enjoy their Kiwi Martini Cocktails!

kiwi martini