Smash my Viper ... Toyota!

Update: So some guys are running a web site where you can Smash My Viper - basically a "pay to key/drill/whatever/it" - they are actually pretty funny as they are not only smashing their mint-condition Viper, but having some hot babes do it for you with video footage. Buy HEY ... these guys are copy-cats ... I was smashing my Viper (OK, it was a 1968 Toyota Corona) over 25 years ago as can be seen in these pictures! And I even had the Coppertone Girl around.

I bought this car in Washington in the late 70's and owned it for a few years - don't remember how I got rid of it, although I seem to recall some discussion with brother Kurt about giving it to him so his "buds" could push it off a cliff! ;-)

This car burned a quart of oil every 100 miles and I ended up getting a warning letter from the Washington Deparment of Ecology, yet passed the emissions test! This car also had a starter that wasn't too reliable, so I was always looking to park in on/near a hill so I could bump start it - was kinda comical as I needed to get it going down the hill near McMahon Hall at the UW, so I'd be pushing with the door open, and then jump it as it came up to speed - always made it!

The only pictures I could find of this was me "banging out" some dents in the front with a sledgehammer.
Actually, this damage was caused by adolescent stupidity when I took a right turn wayyyyy too fast and slid across several lanes, hitting someone waiting to make a left. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but a good wakeup call to quite being an idiot when I was driving.

Blue Streak

Blue Streak
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