The Coolest Car with the Coolest Guys

I bought this 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible back in March/1983 and am the second owner. So I've had this car for quite some time and while I've kept it garaged, it has not been "babied" as a show car and has been through quite a bit over the years - click on the link above for more info.

Shortly after my brother Kurt graduated from college, he came back to Colorado with a bunch of his buddies who are rapid football fans. Being the coolest guys (and wanting to meet the coolest gals), they of course decided to take the coolest car, as can be seen here. That's Kurt driving, with Foz riding shotgun, Smyth reading the paper, and Jones also in the back.

BTW, for those football trivia fans out there who take "The Wave" for granted these days, where/when did it first happen?
Hint: this was the same game that The Coppertone Girl won the University of Washington Homecoming Football game sign contest ;-)

Coolest Guys cruise for the Coolest Gals in the Coolest Car

coolest car

Coolest Dudes go looking for the Coolest Girls

coolest guys

Myke takes the wheel for another cruising trip for the Coolest Chicks

coolest guys

It is also the Coldest Car and after a stretch-job, it became the Longest Car on the Internet! ;-)

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